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tall fan palm of Africa and India and Malaysia yielding a hard wood and sweet sap that is a source of palm wine and sugar

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A field source said that the Syrian army forces have started massive operations in the Northeastern parts of Abu Qalla dam to extend the security belt around Palmyra (Tadmur) city and drive the terrorists out of their bases.
With backing from the Syrian and Russian air forces, units of our armed forces recaptured the city of Palmyra, in cooperation with the allies," the Syrian (http://www.
Among the most enduringly haunting memories of the Syrian civil war, as they will go down in history, are the pillage of Palmyra and the wanton destruction of its ancient artefacts and relics by Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), the extremist group that wants to take the region and the world back to the medieval times.
Now, Palmyra triumphs over Takfiri forces that swooped in to blot out civilization.
The SAA alliance with the Russian Air Force was also a game changer in the battle for Palmyra.
The objective of the mission is to assess the overall state of conservation of Palmyra and identify the emergency safeguarding measures, including drafting a damage assessment of the site and the museum.
Syrian government forces backed by Russian air strikes battled Islamic State insurgents around Palmyra on Monday, trying to extend their gains after taking back control of a city whose ancient temples were dynamited by the ultra-radical militants.
Syrian president Bashar Assad has described his army's recapture of Palmyra as a "significant achievement".
DEIR EZ ZOR (CyHAN)- Syrian government forces recaptured Palmyra on Sunday, state media and a monitoring group said, inflicting a significant defeat on the Daesh group which had controlled the desert city since May last year, Reuters reported.
5 (Petra)--Daesh militants have blown up the Arch of Triumph, a major monument in the 2,000-year-old Roman city of Palmyra, said Syria's antiquities chief, Maamoun Abdulkarim.
ISLAMIC State has destroyed three ancient tower tombs in Palmyra, say officials in Syria.
PALMYRA (TAP) - The Islamic State (IS) has reportedly destroyed another significant landmark in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria, on Sunday.
NNA - Islamic State's demolition of an renowned ancient Roman temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra is a war crime that targeted an historic symbol of the country's diversity, the U.
IS has reportedly beheaded a prominent Syrian antiquities scholar in Palmyra before hanging his body from a column.
A UNESCO World Heritage site famed for well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins, Palmyra was seized from government forces in May amid fears Daesh might destroy its priceless heritage as it had done in other parts of Syria and Iraq.