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relating to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot


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The LCLD extends from palmar to the dorsal, while the LCLS extends from a dorsal to a palmar direction (Reef, 1998).
There were a total of 11 nutrient foramina on the palmar side of the specimens and four of them had no enhanced arteries.
While palmar wrinkling after immersion in water is a common phenomenon, the hallmark of aquagenic keratoderma is the rapid development of the wrinkling.
Se observo, en las radiografias de casco, un angulo palmar negativo (-5 grados), subluxacion de la articulacion interfalangica distal y zonas de proliferacion osea en el receso dorsal de la articulacion interfalangica distal, sobre el borde dorsal y distal de la segunda falange.
It is derived from two anastomotic arches, superficial, and deep palmar arches formed by the anastomosis between main arteries of the hand that is radial and ulnar arteries and their branches.
Our patient predominantly had involvement of the palmar aspect of the hands in contrast to the majority of the NDDH cases reported.
Dupuytren's contracture (DC) is a benign fibroproliferative disease that affects the palmar fascia.
INTRODUCTION: Tuberculous tenosynovitis of flexor tendons at wrist and palm or compound palmar ganglion is tubercular infection of the tenosynovium of long flexor tendon more common in male and mostly involve dominant limb.
7 mV > 4 mV R sural Sensory nerve responses Peak SNAP Normal Nerve latency amplitude value R median Palmar 50.
At his inquiry, Johnson, whose big-race triumphs for Wylie included the Arkle with Tidal Bay, further Cheltenham Festival successes with Arcalis and No Refuge, and two Royal Ascot victories, admitted running Striking Article eight times after the gelding had undergone a palmar neurectomy - the removal of part of the palmar digital nerves - which causes horses to lose feeling in the back of the foot.
Comenzando de dorsal en progresion palmar, el musculo extensor carpo radial (extensor carpi radialis) fue el primero, originado en la cresta supracondilar lateral del humero.
El objetivo general de esta Tesis fue estudiar la comunidad de pequenos roedores, su dinamica poblacional y la dinamica del sistema hantavirus-roedor en el area natural comprendida por los parques nacionales Pre Delta (Entre Rios) e Islas de Santa Fe (Santa Fe), en el parque nacional El Palmar (Entre Rios) y en la reserva natural Otamendi (Buenos Aires).
The protection of the thenar area innervated by the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve (PCBm) that branches before entering the carpal tunnel is important in clinical and electrophysiological evaluations (3).