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seed of any oil palm


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Dorothy Fragaszy and colleagues from the University of Georgia analyzed the monkeys' tool-use skills by videotaping adult monkeys cracking palm nuts on a surface they used frequently for the purpose.
The lipid extracts were used to determine the fatty acids profiles in the Turkana doum palm nut.
Through its contract with the MOPAWI, Ojon purchases wild-crafted palm nut oil and other ingredients from thousands of Tawira producers, who collect the ingredients in a hand-crafted process consistent with ancestral practices.
Researchers allowed the wild chimpanzees access to different combinations of two different types of nut-the oil palm nut, which is naturally widely available, and the coula nut, which is not.
Enhanced with all-natural plant-based cleansing agents and combined with the hydrating and smoothing benefits of 100% pure Ojon palm nut oil, Detox Recovery cleanser uses its active pH 7.
A unique, highly-concentrated and versatile hair rejuvenator containing 100% pure Ojon palm nut oil, Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment instantly hydrates and improves the condition of damaged, color-treated or processed hair, without weighing it down.
Resident Syed Rassoul said they were busy collecting palm nuts when they came under attack from ISAF choppers.
512 1,943,988 Cotton seed 3,530,414 758,078 Coconuts 374,667 124,276 Palm nuts and kernels 221,900 31,803 Tomatoes 13,397 103,833 Total 451,437,733 219,073,520 USA AND EU ARE THE MAJOR DESTINATIONS FOR TEXTILE PRODUCTS FROM GHANA
The palm cockatoo nests in palm trees and eats palm nuts, hence their name," he said.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Bearded capuchin monkeys deliberately place palm nuts in a stable position on a surface before trying to crack them open, revealing their capacity to use tactile information to improve tool use.
The African Grey is usually found in the rainforests of West and Central Africa and feeds mainly on palm nuts, seeds, fruits and leafy matter.
Carlos levered the pods full of oil-rich palm nuts from the top of the trees with a spiked pole.
Wild Pantanal hyacinth macaws feed on only 2 species of palm nuts (Acrocomia totai and Scheelea phalerta).
The experimenters supplied stones, and one 5-year-old chimp named Mawa immediately started using the stones to crack palm nuts, a talent he had apparently learned in his native community.