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seed of any oil palm


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Whenever I detected a fruiting palm, I counted the number of palm nuts per infrutescence and took the number of fruits per palm as replicate to compare fruit availability in the four periods of the year.
Dorothy Fragaszy and colleagues from the University of Georgia analyzed the monkeys' tool-use skills by videotaping adult monkeys cracking palm nuts on a surface they used frequently for the purpose.
The lipid extracts were used to determine the fatty acids profiles in the Turkana doum palm nut.
Colonel John Blashford-Snell, 66, was given a potion by the Wai Wai tribe in Guyana which is made from turu palm nut oil and has staved off grey hair in the tribe for generations.
But for the best in local hot and spicy fare, the Country Kitchen (Tel: 011-233-21-229087) offers traditional meals such as "fufu," a pounded cassava dish served with palm nut soup.
Ojon products are made with palm nut oil produced by the Tawira and help improve hair's strength, moisture, shine, and reduce breakage.
Researchers allowed the wild chimpanzees access to different combinations of two different types of nut-the oil palm nut, which is naturally widely available, and the coula nut, which is not.
Enhanced with all-natural plant-based cleansing agents and combined with the hydrating and smoothing benefits of 100% pure Ojon palm nut oil, Detox Recovery cleanser uses its active pH 7.
A unique, highly-concentrated and versatile hair rejuvenator containing 100% pure Ojon palm nut oil, Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment instantly hydrates and improves the condition of damaged, color-treated or processed hair, without weighing it down.
An IBTimes report said that these rats could've eaten both palm nuts and sapling trees, preventing the forests from growing back.
All 18 adult and adolescent bonobos tracked during April and May 2015 cracked oil palm nuts with stones of various sizes that researchers had placed near oil palm trees, says a team led by Johanna Neufuss of the University of Kent in England.
The Maguindanao delegation, led by Governor Esmael Mangudadatu, presented inaul (loom-woven) cloths, export grade Cavendish bananas, oil palm nuts, nutritious unrefined cane sugar, coffee beans, home decors and bags made of dried water lily stalks during the second BIMP-EAGA business conference last Oct.
Resident Syed Rassoul said they were busy collecting palm nuts when they came under attack from ISAF choppers.
He asks: what happens if we accept Cuban babalawos' claims to produce truth through their manipulations of palm nuts and ache, taken to mean both powder and power?