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Along with this the Palm family will recently sponsored and co-host "Run to the Rescue," a local 5k run aiming to help first responders who suffer from addiction, and/or trauma.
Similar to the majority of members of the palm family, the Turkana doum palm nut predominates in lauric, oleic and myristic acids.
The Caribbean genus Pseudophoenix belongs to the monogeneric tribe Cyclospatheae within subfamily Ceroxyloideae and has been recognized as an isolated member in the palm family, with no close relationships to any other Ceroxyloideae (Baker et al.
Vindigo, the leading provider of personal navigation services for wireless and mobile devices, today announces continued support for the Palm family of handhelds including the new Palm(TM) Zire(TM), (see separate announcement from Palm, Inc.
Coupled with an army of over 140,000 software developers and more than 10,000 available software applications, the Palm family of handheld devices has become a major force in the handheld computing marketplace.
His taxonomic and floristic research is focused on the palm family, one of the most useful and abundant families in the tropics.
0 OS (RIM 957, 950, 850), and the Palm family of PDAs.
Palm offers The Palm Family of handheld computers, which includes the Palm III, Palm V and Palm VII, and The Palm OS Platform.
The Handspring Visor is growing rapidly as a powerful alternative to the Palm family of devices," said Joe Korb, executive vice president of GoAmerica, Inc.
net access to WebPerfect's Intranet Service is important because it not only supports the Palm VII, but also allows us to provide access to an entire class of small-format HTML devices, including the whole Palm family, some paging devices and even the new PocketPC's.
Synchronization with most popular desktop and handheld organizers, such as the Palm family and Microsoft(R) Outlook(TM), Lotus(R) Notes, ACT
This unprecedented market acceptance has created an emerging multi-billion dollar Palm Economy, which is no longer only based on the popular Palm family of handheld computing devices, but also embraces independent software developers, operating system licensees, strategic alliance partners and hardware OEMs.
Devices supporting the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, such as the Palm family of connected organizers, will allow developers to rapidly and cost-effectively develop, deploy and enhance e-commerce, entertainment, information and advanced telephony services.
Wide variety of client access options, including Windows, Web Browser and 3Com Palm family of connected organizers, as well as support for disconnected use.
Keyboard for the Palm family of connected organizers.