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Synonyms for pallor


Synonyms for pallor

unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

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18###Fever, pallor, weakness###AML-M2, AML-M1###107###Karachi , Pakistan###Chang et al.
Xerosis, pruritus, half-and-half nails, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, pallor and perforating disorders are common manifestations of ESRD.
Recession, pallor; intra oral pigmentation, pallor of oral mucosa, proclinations of teeth, spacing in teeth and persistence of mamelon were examined, observed and recorded.
Thus, impact by a rounded object or a cricket ball results in a doughnut-shaped bruise, the bruise occurring as a circular broad rim with an area of central pallor.
In paediatrics age group sever malaria often cause symptoms of pallor due to significant drop in haemoglobin, metabolic acidosis leading to respiratory distress and cerebral malaria3.
Two additional bats were inoculated subcutaneously; areas of pallor developed in the wing skin similar to those observed in the originally infected bat (online Technical Appendix Figure 3).
For a diagnosis, attacks also must have at least one of the following characteristics: pallor, irritability, malaise, vomiting, or ataxia.
The start of last week's Operation Protective Edge and the threat of rocket fire directed toward Tel Aviv have cast a surreal pallor over the young Americans spending their summers in the coastal Israeli city.
There was a noticeable sell off of the blue chips today which impelled many to horde them pending better market conditions next week, they hoped, said stock market analyst Adnan Al-Dulaimi, noting that the lackluster performance in the market this week was due in some measure to the pallor cast on it by a number of strained political factors.
Curiously, after she got married, she suddenly morphed into this unrecognizable creature with straight long blonde hair, facial pallor to match, accented with a sophisticated scowl.
Fainting, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, exacerbation of angina, thirst, and pallor are other symptoms of low blood pressure.
Dizziness and fainting are signs that you might have low BP, along with blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, exacerbation of angina, thirst, and pallor.
A 10 years old child presented with progressive pallor since birth and history of jaundice and abdominal distension since 4 months.
Especially if it lasts for more than two weeks and if no cause has been identified, or if it is associated with weight loss, loss of energy, night sweats, pallor, bruising, any palpable mass, bone pain, or lymphadenopathy (swollen glands).
The problem reveals itself when the child is about three months old with fatigue, breathlessness and pallor.