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(zoology) a protective layer of epidermis in mollusks or brachiopods that secretes a substance forming the shell

(Roman Catholic Church) vestment consisting of a band encircling the shoulders with two lappets hanging in front and back

cloak or mantle worn by men in ancient Rome

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Medial Pallium lesion affects both turn and cue spatial learning in terrestrial toads (Rhinella arenarum).
Your predecessor, Benedict XIV, restored the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, confirming the election of the patriarch Abraham Ardzivian as the spiritual head of the Patriarchal Church of Cilicia for all the Catholic Armenians, and which to avoid the fury of his persecutors, had to take refuge in Mount Lebanon among the Maronites, and that Benedict XIV conferred the pallium as a sign of communion with the See of Peter, on December 8, 1742.
la toga empezo a hacerse mas pequena hasta convertirse en el pallium (27) y luego en una simple banda de tela, la estola.
Pauper vero abiit et vendidit pallium et tunicam et universa que habuit et dedit cardinalibus et hostiariis et camerariis.
5) It first deals with the pope's conferral of the pallium upon the bishops Grimo of Rouen, Abel of Rheims, and Hartbert of Sens, on Boniface's recommendation.
Pallium India is a non-government organisation established to support the enormous palliative care (PC) needs of the people in India.
His letter largely concerns the pallium, a garment of the
Raelee Jensen, a registered nurse at Lower Hutt's Te Omanga Hospice in Palliative Care, won for her tireless dedication over the years to support an initiative called Pallium India.
Interestingly, David is shown not as an ordinary bishop but as an archbishop with a cross-staff and the ceremonial robe called the pallium - and this was 450 years before Wales officially gained its own archbishop.
Our cerebral cortex, or pallium, is a big part of what makes us human: art, literature and science would not exist had this most fascinating part of our brain not emerged in some less intelligent ancestor in prehistoric times.
In general, strong evidence supports that the pallium areas (medium and lateral), the cerebellum, and the chemical processes involved in Long-Term Potentiation have an important role in the emergence and maintenance of learned behavior.
An earlier version of this essay appeared in The Pallium, the magazine of Canterbury School*