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  • adv

Synonyms for pallidly

in a manner lacking interest or vitality


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There is a generous progression of aptly chosen photographs, although some of them are pallidly reproduced.
In accord with Tennyson's antiquarian ballad, Lady Clare, pallidly honest, returns her aristocratic suitor's gift when she discovers that she is, after all, of lowly birth; although as she tells him the story she plays with the buckle of her belt.
I could have been wrong, but I think there was something to do with motorbikes going on: all around were chaps with that physique unique to bikers, of pot bellies and matchstick legs, and their pallidly buxom girlfriends.
Why read this refrain as "manly excellence" or "manly strength" rather than the more pallidly ecclesiastical "virtue"?
Many gigantic and pallidly white birds flew continuously now from beyond the veil, and their scream was the eternal Tekeli-li