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a meteorite composed principally of olivine and metallic iron

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It has the world's largest handdug well and the world's largest pallasite meteorite (the 1,000-pound meteorite was reported missing after the tornado, but it turned up a few days later, buried under the rubble of the town museum, where it had been on display).
10) The inner pallasite (iron-rich) and the outer achondritic (silicon-rich) layers are formed in the course of the first episode of initial layering.
An intriguing and enigmatic group, pallasite meteorites are typically composed of the green-brown mineral olivine set in a matrix of iron-nickel alloy--a combination that does not occur on Earth's surface.
For a real one of a kind adventure, this quirky itinerary will take you to the home of the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City, the world's most comprehensive collection of air-moving devices at the Fan Museum in Andover, and the world's largest hand-dug well and the world's largest pallasite meteorite, both in Greensburg.
The 45-year-old, of Milton of Balgonie, Fife, stumbled across the pallasite meteorite, containing iron and nickel, while in Yorkshire with wife Irene.