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a formal statement of disavowal

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When Socrates begins his palinode, he is very much aware that he is not making an argument whose truth will compel assent; instead, he cautions that his speech will not work with all audiences.
The revision of the Iliad in The Robber Bride and its palinode in "Helen of Troy Does Counter Dancing" anticipate The Penelopiad, which focalizes and reinterprets the Odyssey through Penelope, just as Zimmerman dramatized a woman reader as the medium through which her version of the Odyssey is created.
In the Palinode, Socrates compares the soul to a charioteer
As with the Elegy's adaptation of Richard II, so with Ready Will's wry retraction: the hypothesis of Shakespearean palinode works better than that of a second author's jumble of assault and homage.
followed by the palinode, "But the beauty is not the madness/Tho' my errors and wrecks lie about me, /And I am not a demigod, /I cannot make it cohere.
One major group in the entry production that illustrated this tension was the poetic society called the Puy de Palinode.
Carson's poetic novel is set against the infamy of Stesichoros himself, the historical figure whose palinode has occasioned its own mythology, here providing both the frame and the occasion for her romance "novel in verse.
For Younkers Palinode such follies fitte, But we tway bene men of elder witt.
The Modern images of the breaking of idols or of experience writing on a blank slate have been challenged by a variety of new images that suggest the reshaping of a tradition: images of the palinode, palimpsest, graft, and so forth.
Garcilaso's longer poems do not constitute a poetic narrative with a final palinode, but individually address the Petrarchan problematics of unrequited love.
Herendeen offers an adventurous reinterpretation of The Progresse of the Soule as a palinode that marks a turning point in Donne's career.
Jim Bolger's Palinode has a rating that gives her a live chance, but did not seem to run up to her mark when beaten by O'Brien's Amazing Beauty seven days ago.
The third book of Le Roy's Sympose de Platon, addressed to Mary Stuart, would seem to serve as a sort of palinode to the first and second books, turning to spiritual matters and nominally embracing the renunciation of worldly ambitions.
Because palinode is relational or prepositional, like emotion, it
Gorni concludes therefore, against a strong strain of American criticism, that anything in the earlier philosophical treatise could be the target of palinode or pentimento in the Commedia.