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of or relating to palingenesis

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His archeological research is geared towards the defining moments, the archetypes (Urbilder) of Western culture, the only ones able to account for the denouement of the most consequential myth of modern Europe since the French Revolution and the Romantics: the myth of the palingenetic war, which was turned by the Nazis into the kitsch spectacle of total destruction.
The garnetiferous biotite gneisses (khondalites) and the associated layered complex of garnetiferous quartzo-felspathic granulites (leptynites) and non-garnetiferous quartzo-felspathic granulites (alaskites) constitute an assemblage of metasediments injected by granitic materials, and recrystallised under deep-seated palingenetic conditions into a migmatite complex.
The work is firmly based on Griffin's previously-established concept of the palingenetic myth: what defines a fascist movement is its commitment to revitalisation.
The palingenetic model of return would supply a theosophical and preformationist model for understanding life cycles.
Haeckel understood, in fact coined, the distinction between caenogenetic and palingenetic features (cf.
Griffin, Roger, 'The Palingenetic Core of Generic Fascist Ideology', in Alessandro Campi, ed.
To return to The Cantos, I was not far into the study before I realized that no key analogous to the Odyssey or the Grail Legend existed, though I thought I had found some iterative patterns that were helpful--notably those adumbrated in the palingenetic rites of Eleusis.
This sense of awakening is certainly palingenetic, (17) the rebirth of
I then discuss the movie's documentaristic dimension and the palingenetic value it attributes to the blood of those who sacrificed themselves in the fight against the Mafia.