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of or relating to palingenesis

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Griffin's definition of fascism, as a form of palingenetic populist ultra-nationalism (12), contains the key to develop a scheme in which to address the issue of continuity and inner logic.
The garnetiferous biotite gneisses (khondalites) and the associated layered complex of garnetiferous quartzo-felspathic granulites (leptynites) and non-garnetiferous quartzo-felspathic granulites (alaskites) constitute an assemblage of metasediments injected by granitic materials, and recrystallised under deep-seated palingenetic conditions into a migmatite complex.
Haeckel understood, in fact coined, the distinction between caenogenetic and palingenetic features (cf.
To return to The Cantos, I was not far into the study before I realized that no key analogous to the Odyssey or the Grail Legend existed, though I thought I had found some iterative patterns that were helpful--notably those adumbrated in the palingenetic rites of Eleusis.
This sense of awakening is certainly palingenetic, (17) the rebirth of