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emergence during embryonic development of various characters or structures that appeared during the evolutionary history of the strain or species

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Those avant-garde artists and writers who had actively supported the Italian intervention as the war broke out in Europe often used the narration of the conflict as an ideological tool to foreground an artistic agenda strictly interrelated with those ideas of palingenesis and national regeneration that had underpinned the interventionist cause.
Los programas del republicanismo moderno, pre- y postabsolutista (de Marsiglio de Padua y Maquiavelo a Locke, Rousseau, Thomas Paine, Kant y Robespierre), se presentaron sin apenas excepciones como una especie de palingenesis de la libertad republicana de los antiguos (particularmente de Roma y Esparta, y tambien, algunos--la extrema izquierda--, de Atenas).
Herder certainly suggests the possibility of a continuing existence after death or so-called palingenesis, in his religiously informed Ideen, which was one of Kant's major criticisms in his review.
And the fact that there are two kinds of people occasions of necessity the fact of two kinds of human life and consciousness of life, and of two kinds of sciences; for which reason the idea of unity of science, taken in its absolute sense, implies the denial of the fact of palingenesis [new birth], and therefore from principle leads to the rejection of the Christian religion.
The British historian explains the term of palingenesis as a total revolution of state, economics, and society, from the legislative through to the cultural level.
Under the pressure of new information technologies, Hollywood genres in particular will experience a progressive decanonization and a palingenesis, whose accomplishment first needs the deconstructive work that A Night at the Movies attempts to do.
34) While Miller's journey to Greece was, as Bertrand Mathieu pointed out, undoubtedly Orphic--the katabasis and palingenesis that became part of his legend, the reality of Miller's "life-changing experience," as opposed to his mythologizing of it, was far from what he asserted--as later accounts by Brassai, Georges Robitaille or Judson Crews, as well as his treatment of Conrad Moricand in Big Sur, (35) attest.
In his discussion of the origins and development of the city, Hugo opts to tell the history of Paris through the language of Pierre-Simon Ballanche's social palingenesis and the Christ story.
To remember is to remake what was, to enact a palingenesis.
It is likely that Camara Laye had intended Clarence's travel and his waiting to be interpreted as initiatory tests, which will allow the hero to achieve a palingenesis.
17) I will introduce a version of palingenesis which diverges from Plato's theory of reincarnation in three crucial respects.