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a manuscript (usually written on papyrus or parchment) on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible

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So the palimpsest Quran was likely older than 650 CE when Uthman's official version was promulgated.
com) portrays New York City as many things: a proving ground, a high rolling cavalcade for the rich, or a palimpsest of memories--a historic metropolis eclipsed by modern times.
The text painting challenges us to decipher the text layers through a shared integrational technique, like the palimpsest technique and plays with the cultural meaning embedded in superimposed or layered meaning typography.
You can't layer a map, if you do it gets confusing; we don't want a palimpsest of a map
Because of this, the poetic voice sees itself as a palimpsest comprised of several layers of memory, always reflected from an inner standpoint.
a palimpsest of what we loved, a nest in the brittle leaves.
This fragile fragment was a palimpsest, a layered text on which an earlier writing had been replaced by a later one.
A lush, evocative palimpsest of images plays out across its two screens, as the piece explores the lives of two women, one young and one old,.
It has the quality of layered consciousness that Freud speaks of in his 1930 work, Civilization and Its Discontents, comparing the palimpsest of modern Rome to the human psyche.
In particular, it is the palimpsest nature of the archaeological record which becomes the key issue, alternatively characterised by the notion of time-averaging, a term introduced from palaeontology into archaeology by Nicola Stern in the 1990s.
Archaeology is a palimpsest of the remains of the whole of human activity and history, including the hill's use a place of recreation.
This would become Palimpsest (1995), the first of three memoirs (to date).
Yn l yr awdur, gellir ystyried pob tirlun yng Nghymru fel palimpsest, sef cyfres o adleisiau o gyfnodau hanesyddol gwahanol.
The refuge from this doom is an ancient palimpsest of a city, replete with mysterious artefacts - the debt to M John Harrison's bewitching metropolis Viriconium is clear.
Specifically, her work addresses absence by foregrounding: 1) the disappearance of lived reality behind the scrim of media representations, 2) the invisibility of linguistic and institutional assumptions, and 3) the palimpsest, which is an altered, erased, or reconfigured reality that somehow evidences traces of its previous form (Detroit Institute of Arts, 2007; Foster as cited in de Zegher, 2007).