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Asiatic plant grown for its cluster of edible white stalks with dark green leaves

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The dishes came with stir-fried Chinese pakchoi and special fried rice.
Garnish: coriander and parsley; 1tbsp chopped cashews as garnish; serve on steamed pakchoi.
ingredients 150g(5oz)firm tofu vegetable oil,for frying 250g (9oz) ram ennoodles 4 slices kamaboko-aka (Japanesefish cakes which can be bought in Oriental stores)4 crabs ticks 1egg,hard-boiled 4 cooked and peeled prawns 2 pakchoi, roughly chopped 1 litre chicken stock 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts salt and white pepper 12 pieces menma(cannedbamboo shoots),drained 1 tablespoon wakame (silky textured seaweed available from Oriental stores) soaked in warm water for five minutes,drained and roughly chopped 2 springonions, trimmed and finely sliced method Cut the tofu into 1 cm slices and pan fry in a little oil for about one minute on each side until just coloured.
900g chicken breast 450g Thai fragrant rice 2tbs satay paste (Jimmy's) 200 ml peanut sauce 75 ml rice wine vinegar 75g icing sugar 4 heads pakchoi cabbage (see Boyd's tip)METHOD You can either buy peanut sauce or roast your own peanuts with a little honey and blend them until a smooth puree.
Handful of spinach or Oriental greens such as pakchoi
A widening range of Chinese vegetables with names such as tong ho, kai-lam, and onnchoi are being developed for the UK joining established lines of white and green pakchoi being grown in Spain.