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Synonyms for scissors

an edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades

a wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze

a gymnastic exercise performed on the pommel horse when the gymnast moves his legs as the blades of scissors move

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She was being pushed in her wheelchair when this young man armed with two pairs of scissors suddenly headed towards her.
He displayed his skill here on Thursday and used several pairs of scissors cutting the hair of a person in the presence of Director General Sports Punjab Usman Anwar.
A barber in China has set a world record by cutting a customer's hair with 10 pairs of scissors simultaneously.
Police in Bedworth say 48 pairs of scissors were stolen during the burglary at the wholesale premises of E.
The new Porta Dogana opened last July, the tape being cut by the two Captains Regent with two pairs of scissors.