pair production

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the transformation of a gamma-ray photon into an electron and a positron when the photon passes close to an atomic nucleus

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Recalling that any sufficiently strong positive potential acting on the vacuum state enables electron-positron pair production to take place in free space (see any relativistic discussion of the Klein Paradox, e.
We pumped the sample probe extensively to avoid trapped gasses in the coaxial leads, and then cooled the device slowly over two days to eliminate electron-hole pair production in the device (which creates additional electrons in the two-dimensional fluid and a slow downward drift in the magnetic field positions of QHR plateaus as the pairs recombine).
This quark-antiquark annihilation and pair production model predicts the fourth generation of leptons and explains the measurements of neutrino oscillations.
In pair production a gamma ray converts into a positron and an electron, with both particles moving away from one another.
or -]] pair production with instantaneous decay would look like an electron positron pair production but would actually be l[W.