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a brush used as an applicator (to apply paint)

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Place paper onto pin and smooth it out with paintbrush, then paint more Mod Podge on top.
You could get out a paintbrush to cover scuffs when you see them, but if you are anything like me, the thought of opening the can of paint, stirring it, painting a scuff, cleaning your paintbrush.
A spokesperson for Indian Paintbrush added, "Drake is a brilliant filmmaker, who has crafted a fresh, iconic film.
Mendoza's Paintbrush is a short, charming read that will leave the reader longing for a taste of magic, adolescence, and the lush greenery of rural Mexico.
Add 2 Tbsp of water to the laundry detergent and stir this with the second paintbrush.
61, says that, previously, the low cost paintbrush market was served by brushes that used natural hog bristle while professional brushes were made with solid Filaments.
With a fine paintbrush, paint each fruit and allow to dry.
Becky Schmidt, assistant to Key Bank President Brian Nerland, wields a paintbrush at the Habitat for Humanity project at 32nd and Spenard, during KeyBanks' Neighbors Make A Difference Day on May 20.
We take ideas even further as students describe how ice-cream scoops and construction equipment could be used as a paintbrush.
Watercolor effects are achieved with a wet paintbrush.
Smooth all surfaces with the paintbrush using long, straight strokes in one direction.
Some seek a more personal touch, wielding a paintbrush or hammer.
Peter Lewis's $101 million could buy quality paintbrush sets for 918,181 Princeton artists.
Excel and Word: A fast way to copy formatting or styles to multiple parts of a document or worksheet: Click on the word or number whose formatting you want to duplicate, click twice on the Format Painter#, which looks like a paintbrush, then just click on any numbers or text you want similarly formatted.