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a brush used as an applicator (to apply paint)

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The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS organization is pleased to present this title to Olympic Paints and Stains for the largest paintbrush mosaic.
Next, one of the scientists used the device to move the paintbrush to a specific sound - making the tickling predictable.
Styled and shaped like a paintbrush, the tip glows blue when you press the trigger to throw the paint and as the action happens on the screen the end lights up.
Add 2 Tbsp of water to the laundry detergent and stir this with the second paintbrush.
61, says that, previously, the low cost paintbrush market was served by brushes that used natural hog bristle while professional brushes were made with solid Filaments.
Using a paintbrush, dip the brush in to the green colouring and paint the tree.
An art studio for children, The Paintbrush brings music and art together by introducing children to a variety of musical compositions while they explore various artistic media to create their own unique works of art.
Watercolor effects are achieved with a wet paintbrush.
Purdy's Pro-Extra Series has expanded to include eight paintbrush models.
Smooth all surfaces with the paintbrush using long, straight strokes in one direction.
Peter Lewis's $101 million could buy quality paintbrush sets for 918,181 Princeton artists.
Animal Rescue'' also reports on the city's aquarium, where we meet Patience, a penguin who wields a mean paintbrush when not having to survive 94-degree water in its habitat, and the local zoo, where the animals were listless when no one was around to watch them, then perked up when rescue workers visited during their down time.
Excel and Word: A fast way to copy formatting or styles to multiple parts of a document or worksheet: Click on the word or number whose formatting you want to duplicate, click twice on the Format Painter#, which looks like a paintbrush, then just click on any numbers or text you want similarly formatted.
The best paintbrush in the world makes a terrible saw.