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a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintball

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a game that simulates military combat

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151) Later, after the FBI questioned one of the paintballers, two others asked al-Timimi for advice.
Matthew, a keen paintballer, is hoping his parents might buy him some land to enjoy his favourite pastime.
Except for the paintballer mentioned above, all 79 victims were either hunters themselves or a member of a hunting party.
Alas, the team's detector failed on its trial run when a young paintballer was attacked at an adventure park.
The team's new anomaly detector fails on its first outing when a young paintballer is attacked.
Seriously, he tests a suit which reflects heat and renders him invisible to infra-red cameras by trying to negotiate a course packed with paintballers equipped with the said cameras.
Large groups of paintballers and a single horse rider do not mix," said Mrs Darby.
IT'S feared the screams and shouts of excited paintballers could disturb high court judges trying to grab some peace away from the bench.
Westfield Police Detective Todd Edwards began investigating the charity, called Paintballers 4 Autism, some time ago after an Internet-based promoter began raising questions about Mr.
PAINTBALLERS were swopping Teesside for Benidorm, thanks to a benevolent boss in 2003.
How to Paintball contains useful articles on general paintball strategy, the types of equipment used, and delivers an overall picture of what to expect for first-time paintballers.
It's a piece of black rubber headgear and goggles that is similar to those worn by paintballers.