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lending itself to being painted


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We've learned people shop by type or by performance characteristics, then they look to match a color or for caulk that's paintable.
The finish quality for the premium product Aonix aimed to make also had to be premium grade, but since there is no specified industry norm for tablet finish quality, Aonix opted to target the automotive industry's Class A paintable standard for its shell.
Founded in 2009, Matrix has provided homeowners with a non-toxic, energy-efficient, waterproof, mold proof, paintable wall system that is quickly and easily installed, and protects basements from water and moisture damage for years to come.
Transportation was convenient, the light was splendid, and artists were attracted to the many paintable scenes.
This is for the first time a thin-layer, conducting, highly aligned film for high-performance, paintable, directly writeable plastic electronics," Jinsang Kim, a professor of materials science and engineering at U-M, said in a statement.
Just place these paintable minizombies in an attack formation and await the apocalypse | Box O Zombie, PS8.
The group will bring together designers and engineers to use the latest printable, paintable and programmable intelligent materials capable of creating intelligent products and services.
The present work is just a concept of paintable batteries," said Singh.
In paintable battery, we converted all components of the battery into paints and used them to literally paint any surface and using nothing but just a spray gun," she explained.
It allows anyone to transform smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen.
Parts that harden to a tough machineable, sandable, and paintable plastic part.
The product enables the formulation of fast-curing adhesives and sealants, with applications ranging from highly flexible, paintable sealants to high-strength assembly adhe-sives and crystal-clear cabinet sealants.
It will also put on display its range of silicone sealants such as acetic cure sealants, neutral cure sealants, paintable acrylic sealants, and siliconized duct sealants, as well as aerosol products including the Asmaco spray paints, air fresheners and insect killers," he added.
Cornish rotational moulder Orchid Plastics has extended its production capabilities with foamed walls and paintable PE.
Julie Smith of For Your Walls Only, a full-service home design company in Upland, said there are paintable solutions for problem walls.