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All AMT articles have undergone a considered, anonymous, painstaking process of peer review by selected members of the Editorial Committee.
A work of impeccable scholarship and painstaking research, Preamble Border is a seminal benchmark reference for the significant activity on the Great Lakes for trade between its most active years of 1650 and 1990.
Pieribone and Gruber reveal the painstaking efforts of scientists to identify the mechanisms behind this mysterious light, including 19th-century work by Raphael Dubois, who coined the terms luciferase and luciferine to describe the catalyst and fuel for the biofluorescent reaction.
Like the American artist Matthew Antezzo, who used paint to immortalize journalistic images from art magazines of the '60s and '70s, Bik Van der Pol not only collect but also transform their art-historical finds with a painstaking method.
SIX months of painstaking restoration work is returning St George's Hall to its original splendour.
Henderson describes her journey in painstaking and personal detail, through fictional character Channa Renee Jones.
In additional comments, virtually every respondent said that TitleVest's ACRIS ASAP was a valuable solution to the rigorous and painstaking method of using the City's ACRIS website to prepare the required forms.
Within that context, and because it's simply the right thing to do, executives must take painstaking efforts to comply with the whistleblower regulations of Sarbanes-Oxley," he said.
In this newest addition to the Veg Out Vegetarian Guide series, George Stevenson and Andrew Evans, a travel writer and a chef, respectively, have gone through painstaking effort to create an easy-to-understand, no-hassle manual on eating healthy in two of the nation's biggest alternative-eating markets.
WE'VE BEEN DOWN in The Bunker before, but what separates Oliver Hirschbiegel's painstaking and provocative look at the last gasp of Hitler's Third Reich, ``Downfall,'' is that, for the first time since 1956, it's a German filmmaker who's sifting through the rubble.
From them, they have assembled a disturbing picture of a military structure that valued political loyalty above technical ability, and provided reluctant draftees with only makeshift training, in sharp contrast to the American navy's painstaking approach to maritime competence.
After many years of painstaking research and restoration by the National Archives of Canada, with financial assistance from the AV Preservation Trust and Telefilm Canada, there will soon be a brand new DVD version of The Viking in wide release.
Those who have followed the Girls from the beginning will note that All That We Let In, their ninth studio effort, harkens back to vintage Indigo Girls, a return to the painstaking "dueling harmonies" and alluring pop-folk that the act had abandoned for the amped-up sound of the last few records.
It takes Howard more than 25 minutes of painstaking preparation to transform himself for the role in the musical production of the famous Charles Dickens classicA Christmas Carolat the Liverpool Empire -but he says it's worthit.