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requiring little hard work or exertion

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not causing physical or psychological pain

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It is hard to imagine a tougher venue for a photography show than Munich's Haus der Kunst, with its vast, uninfected spaces and general painlessness, but the recent survey exhibition by the Berlin photographer Michael Schmidt met the challenge triumphantly.
The painlessness of this character's death for him has something cartoonish about it, as does Rushdie's description of the Amritsar massacre.
65) The rest of the Court remained silent, content to simply equate humaneness with painlessness, and debate the constitutional limits of risking a painful death through a botched execution.
Portillo allowed the importance of painlessness to eclipse the disturbing morality and finality of state execution whilst at the same time, raising the known profile of hypoxia and winking at the euthanasia lobby.
Philoctetes opts not for the comfort of the known (Lemnos), nor for promises of honor, power, painlessness.
The skin is stimulated to boost circulation and the production of collagen in face," explains Julian The low cost, compared to plastic surgery or Botox injections, as well as the painlessness of the procedure are strong benefits of cosmetic acupuncture.
The novelty of global finance and the seemingly painlessness of financial deregulation will further convince politicians that confronting such domestic actors may not be necessary.
With the current emphasis on early detection, oral cancer materials should stress the absence of symptoms and painlessness associated with early lesions.
Most of all, his work demonstrates both the painfulness of deflation when prices are sticky and its painlessness when prices are flexible.
Theories of the painlessness of sudden death appear to be based mostly upon the fact that those who undergo it make no entries of their sensations in their diaries.
A distinguishing feature of chronic external otitis is its painlessness.
and I was so impressed by the absolute painlessness of the experienced I vowed to go back every six months for the rest of my life.