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the quality of being painful

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Patients may have symptoms such as swelling, painfulness, tightness of jewelry like rings and bracelets or garments, tingling and fatigue.
Another disadvantage is the epithelium trauma, which is associated with the relative painfulness of the procedure and the discomfort in patients after epilation," they explained, further adding, "It should be noted that information on scraping method is less abundant, and negative analysis result of laboratory research does not prove the absence of mite infestations.
Of this year's winners, no-one was more deserving than Phd student Michael Smith, from Cornell University in the US, who tested the painfulness of bee stings on 25 locations on his own body.
92) The difficulty for small states to dispense trade with a major power depends on three factors: the small state's net gain; the painfulness of the adjustment process which the major power may impose upon the small state by interrupting trade; and the strength of the vested interests which the major power has created by its trade within the small state.
And this absence of a collaborator adds to the painfulness of hatred.
tax system reflects a compromise between how the two poles of American politics currently perceive the visibility and painfulness of taxes.
The persistence of this experience--the experience of black testimony about the systematic nature and excruciating painfulness of racism being dismissed, denied, and minimized even when that testimony comes from recognized experts (2)--has led to the creation of a counteroffensive pathway for the discourse on race and racism: the scientization of the phenomenology (3) of racism.
For example, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban we learn of the all-magic village of Hogsmeade and the fact that wizards have prisons, and Order of the Phoenix reveals the variety of career paths open to witches and wizards as well as the painfulness and errors of youth and the gradual broadening of horizons.
272) Some argue the maiming and disfigurement caused by cluster munitions violate the principle of unnecessary suffering due to the painfulness and severity of the wounds among the survivors.
Relationship between gingival inflammation and painfulness of periodontal probing.
The results of studies show that the performance of regular aerobic exercises affects the severity of premenstrual dysmenorrhea and reduces its painfulness.
Clinicians may be uncomfortable with talking about trauma because of the nature of the subject matter and the painfulness of associated memories.
Human Tragedy, Divine Comedy: The Painfulness of Conversion in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited"" Renascence 64.
Geneva, Dhu-AlQa'dah 17, 1434, Sep 23, 2013, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed that the Israeli continual flagrant violations of human rights and humanity, including the 4th Geneva Convention, causes deep sadness and painfulness to peace,-dignity-and-freedom lovers.
as symptoms of the inherent painfulness of life" (Tate, p.