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the lowest intensity of stimulation at which pain is experienced

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The difference in pain thresholds between our treatment and control groups was almost 50%, which means that the effect was considerable.
However, a limited number of studies emphasized on the perception of pain and pain threshold of patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP).
Quantitative sensory testing (QST) protocols assessed touch and pain thresholds and warmth detection and heat pain thresholds at a control site (forearm) and three to four penile sites (glans penis, midline shaft, proximal to midline shaft, and foreskin, if present).
Relationship between low-back pain, muscle spasm and pressure pain thresholds in patients with lumbar disc herniation.
Also, they found a significant negative correlation between thermal pain thresholds and scores on the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (P less than .
However, in the four subjects who sustained a unilateral thermal injury, the heat pain and cold pain thresholds in both the injured limb and the contralateral uninjured limb differed from the corresponding thresholds in the control subjects (Table 2 and Figure 2).
Cervical lateral glide increases nociceptive flexion reflex threshold but not pressure or thermal pain thresholds in chronic whiplash associated disorders: A pilot randomized controlled trial.
Nardi Junior and Bertolini (2010) have used a similar procedure to evaluate the pain thresholds to cold and to pressure, as well as for the evaluation of cold pain intensity.
However, it appears as though longer durations of exercise are associated with further increases in pain thresholds (26).
Children who continued to have growing pains had significantly lower pain thresholds than did controls or patients whose pains had resolved, said Dr.
Then it was calculated the lesion index of neural function by dividing pain thresholds of inferior alveolar nerve and infraorbital nerve.
factually incorrect adjectives, those academic researchers might want to study prime examples of grown men with pain thresholds equivalent to full-body anaesthetics.
In a modern 40-hour sleep deprivation study investigating pain levels in SWS and REM sleep deprivation, it was revealed that both SWS and REM deprivation tended to decrease pain thresholds (making the subject feel more pain).
Another study about pain sensitivity in individuals with Down's syndrome compared heat pain thresholds in 11 adults with Down's syndrome and 14 adults with unspecified mental retardation with 14 controls [Defrin et al.