pagoda tree

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tall sparingly branched conical tree having large fragrant yellow flowers with white centers

frangipani of India having an erect habit and conical form

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Pagoda Tree, who made a successful debut at Chepstow, can beat her more experienced rivals in the Stanley Wooton Classified Stakes(4.
Saltcoats-born jockey Bobby Havlin landed a double at Chepstow aboard Pagoda Tree and Kiss Me Goodknight before partnering Grosvenor Spirit to victory in the finale at Nottingham.
This genus contains 80 known species of deciduous and evergreen, sun loving trees, shrubs and herbs (including the white-flowered Japanese Pagoda Tree, Sophora japonica).
Peter Chapple-Hyam and his apprentice Robert Havlin combined for a near 20-1 double with newcomers Pagoda Tree and Kiss Me Goodknight, writes Bruce Jackson.
That being said, you might consider the gold medallion tree (Cassia leptophylla) and the Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica).
PETER CHAPPLE-HYAM is not adverse to introducing a decent horse at Chepstow and Pagoda Tree is strongly fancied to launch her career with a win there today in the Stars And Stripes Maiden Fillies' Stakes (2.
Several kinds of ash, box elder, catalpa, cottonwood, elm, golden-rain tree, hackberry, honey locust, Japanese pagoda tree, London plane tree, maple, poplar, and zelkova.
Goldenchain and goldenrain trees, Japanese pagoda trees and fall witch hazel are all trees that will adapt to your home site.
23, is rich in Ginko and Pagoda trees and a variety of colorful, blooming ground cover, with sloping lawns and a central plaza with water jets, built over a new public garage on 81 St.
This pleasant street, stretching beneath a feathery arcade of Japanese pagoda trees, is chockablock with outlets.