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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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Los Angeles' troika of civic embarrassment - cell phones, pagers and smog - have joined to create a new service to alert the vulnerable to poor air quality.
I think 10 to 15 years from now people will have a phone with a built-in pager, and it will also send and receive faxes and e-mail.
Equipped with three separate alarms, the pager can alert on a one-time, daily or weekly basis to help business professionals keep track of client meetings and deadlines.
As yet you cannot e-mail a pager but you can send a message direct from your PC to a pager without going through the usual channels.
Accordingly, the use of a clone pager to simultaneously receive the transmission emitted from the pager's service provider to the pager is subject to Title III requirements and possibly to state statutory provisions on electronic surveillance.
PDAs are the latest members of a group of transportable products, including pagers, portable computers, pocket phones and electronic organizers, comprising the ever-expanding high-tech "mobile" office.
In the past, if a client required a pager in any other city, a pager dedicated to the frequency used in that city had to be purchased.
The total size of the telecoms services market in China in value and volume across FTNS, IDD, pager and mobile sectors.
In this way, the LS series is able to satisfy a wide range of pager users.
A feature called Pager Learn allows the user to program his or her pager number into the unit's memory by calling the pager just one time.
The Pager & Phone Company is currently connecting 15 locations with a WAN solution through Lighthouse.
For on-the-go pager users who want a more fashionable way to carry pagers, the new cases are chic, durable and easy to wear.
Other new pager ideas include Motorola's Express Luna FLX pager, $105, that glows in the dark, and the Jazz pager, $150, touted as the smallest word message pager at less than 3 inches long.
The GammaRAE Pager is a pager-sized radiation monitor that rapidly detects gamma ray sources using a sensitive cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator.
On Wednesday, millions of pager users found themselves suddenly cut loose from their electronic tethers, as a straying satellite silenced their beepers, forced radio stations off the air, disrupted businesses and disabled some credit card machines.