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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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The pager problem was particularly distressing for Lysa Schaffner of Agoura Hills, who is 7-1/2 months pregnant and due to deliver a son in several weeks.
A feature called Pager Learn allows the user to program his or her pager number into the unit's memory by calling the pager just one time.
IQ Pager on steroids' is what we call this latest product from Information Quest," says Stock Market Institute of Learning CEO, Robin Anderson.
The pager problem was of particular concern to physicians.
During 1994, digital display units continued their dominance as the most popular type of pager.
I know the argument about wanting your kid to have a pager in case of emergencies and all that, but come on, how many emergencies does your kid run into at school where he needs to page you?
What Customers Are Appropriate Targets For Pager Sales?
Unless you have an elaborate priority code system, it's difficult to determine the urgency of a call, when only a number is entered into a pager.
We developed MOBILE BLOCKER at the request of an international customer who desired to block mobile phone and pager use during religious services.
who has honed her pager skills over the six months she's owned one.
The product is the latest achievement in the Global Wireless Data product line that includes a complete line of external rugged wireless data modems, antennas, accessories and RIM Pager devices available at competitive prices.
I love it, I like when she sells pagers and I liked when I was pretending selling them,'' she said.
Enhancements to the latest version include a built-in Web server for password-protected access from any Web browser to status and log statistics, more flexibility in pager notification, and support of XML for data export.
A portion of the pager sales and subsequent re-charging fees will go to Child Watch to help recover abducted children and fund safety programs to help prevent abductions.
The AOL Mail Alerts service, part of the "AOL Anywhere"(SM) initiative, offers AOL's more than 26 million members the option of sending a message to their text-enabled digital cell phone or alphanumeric pager when a designated message has arrived in their AOL e-mail box.