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Synonyms for pageboy

a boy who is employed to run errands


a smooth hair style with the ends of the hair curled inward

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Three-year-old George and sister Charlotte, two, were among eight pageboys and bridesmaids for Pippa Middleton's lavish wedding to financier James Matthews.
Pippa Middleton's big day had started so well with George and two-year-old sister Charlotte looking adorable s they dutifully carried out their roles as pageboy and bridesmaid.
A House of Lords spokesman said: "One pageboy did faint slightly but he is now fine.
Now toddler doll Bert will be dressed up in a pageboy outfit for her big day when Louise weds fiance Brian.
Pageboy Series SFD15 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps consist of a chamber that is divided into compartments by a diaphragm.
But for Hollywood stars like Danny Kaye and Tyrone Power, he just might be remembered as the bespectacled young pageboy who served them tea and shyly asked for their autograph.
Where liquids handling application requires a basic, yet efficient hand operated pump, PUMP ENGINEERING provides a solution with its new Pageboy HD14 pump.
He also makes sure that we don't see him until we meet him onstage, so we've all had a giggle at the Little Lord Fauntleroy look, the Pageboy, the Nutty Professor and the 'hair just out of a set of Carmen rollers' look.
The Pageboy SFD15 self-priming diaphragm pump is ideally suited to pumping aggressive or corrosive liquids, such as solvents, strong acids or alkalis.
The mid Wales couple, who were not romantically involved, got ``married'' in front of 119 on-lookers including parents, bridesmaids, best man, ushers, pageboy, organist, choir and vicar.
Curtis is dressed for the part of a B-girl as Barbara Stanwyck might have played her--blond pageboy wig, dangling ciggie, martini in hand--but the poem is written in the third person.
CARL MASON clearly didn't fancy the pageboy role everyone had earmarked for when he was drawn against Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus for the first two rounds of the Senior British Open at Turnberry, writes Steve Palmer.
Pageboy SFD15 air operated diaphragm pumps provide long service life even when handling strong acids or solvents.
The son of an East London professional boxer, Walter William Bygraves left school when he was 14 and worked in a variety of jobs after being rejected as a Savoy Hotel pageboy as he was too tall.
A MOTHER was horrified to learn that her two young children, carnival princess Tanya Wylde, nine, and her pageboy brother Christopher, seven, were being driven to Aberystwyth carnival by Michael Moore, who had been jailed for sex crimes against children in the late 1980s.