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Synonyms for pageantry

Synonyms for pageantry

a rich and spectacular ceremony

an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc


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IT IS not just the tradition, but also the pageantry which makes Royal Maundy a favourite with royal watchers.
Queen Victoria rarely attended the ceremony after the death of her beloved husband Albert in 1861 and when she did the pageantry was dropped.
Archbishop Rowan Williams was enthroned as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, in the majestic, medieval Canterbury Cathedral, with ancient pageantry to reflect the history of the occasion, and African drums to honour the majority presence of African Anglicans in the worldwide Anglican Communion.
He quotes Defoe's Calvinist claim in 1725 that the new London churches are 'not adorned with pomp and pageantry as in Popish countries; but, like the true Protestant plainness, they have made very little of ornament'.
Not sure if we'll be thanking the networks for the never-ending celebratory coverage about her horses, houses, pomp and pageantry, but this programme at least offers some insight into the real Queen Lizzie.
Norwegian skepticism about Princess Martha Louise's fiancee wasn't dampening the public's enthusiasm for the pageantry leading up to Norway's second royal wedding in nine months.
KENILWORTH CASTLE welcomed back one of its most famous visitors to celebrate a year of pageantry and pomp.
And what a grand panorama of musical styles and pageantry it is
Supporters of the monarchy note that --, who are eager to see royal pageantry, spend millions of dollars in the country each year.
Having pegged Silicon Valley chief executives as the victims of their own wealth and the Valley itself as a land of multimillion dollar homes (yawn) and $18-a-pound ostrich salami (burp), Kaplan gets to the part where he tries to sneak into a local school board's annual fundraiser, known for both its pageantry and the marquee value of its CEO attendees.
At Ole Miss the flag and "Dixie" were added to football pageantry in 1948, the year Thurmond and his "Dixiecrats" bolted the Democratic Party in Philadelphia when the convention that nominated President Truman adopted a procivil-rights plank.
This year, along with the pageantry of the show, guests who take advantage of the discounted admission price on AutoTrader.
com)-- Bridal Elegance & Pageantry selected Blue Stingray to upgrade their online presence and e-commerce package.
Um Ruqaibah, Safar 2, 1434, Dec 15, 2012, SPA -- The vast Nafud desert fields witnessed over the past two days heavy attendance by participants in the festival of King Abdulaziz Pageantry Award For Camels at its 13th session.
The Pantages splendidly housed the first national tour for three years, and there's no Southland venue where all that color and pageantry could gleam so magnificently.