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Synonyms for pageantry

Synonyms for pageantry

a rich and spectacular ceremony

an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc


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Having learnt from her mistakes, an idea was inspired; and it came in a form of a Pageantry School- Diamond Pageantry Academy.
I can assure you that the threat of nuclear annihilation is not a matter of pageantry.
In the midst of the pomp and pageantry were two more modest pieces, Vaughan Williams' Fantastia on Greensleeves, and Butterworth's The Banks of Green Willow, given its premiere in West Kirby no less, months before its composer went off to Flanders.
Pageantry has been critically discussed in Irish cultural debates before, but in a piecemeal fashion, centering (as Dean notes) on events such as the loyalist parades in Northern Ireland celebrating the Protestant victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 and the various, opposing nationalist commemorations of events such as the 1798 rebellion and the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.
In All Dressed Up: Modern Irish Historical Pageantry, Joan Fitzpatrick Dean traces the evolution of Irish pageantry from Gaelic League Language Week Processions in the early twentieth century to the Macnas parades in Galway that continue into the twenty-first.
LAHORE -- The ceremony is held every evening, attended by huge crowds on both sides at Wagah to see the display of military pageantry that accompanies the formal closing of the border post.
BRITAIN'S biggest indoor military tattoo, with more than 1,000 performers, returns to Birmingham's NIA, bringing together marching bands, exciting displays and culminating in the spectacular Grand Finale featuring all the performers in a spectacle of pomp and pageantry.
Riyadh, Shawwal 14, 1435, August 10, 2014, SPA -- Al-Khalidiya Stables have won three gold medals in the Cup Competition of Western Coast of Belgium for Horse Pageantry which lasted for two days with the participation of a number of stables from Arab and European countries.
Queens of Academe: Beauty Pageantry, Student Bodies, and College Life.
In "The Pageantry," his exhibition at Utterly Art gallery in Singapore's Chinatown area, the 41-year-old artist shows canvases bursting with images and bright colors inspired by his observations as a Filipino living in North London, where he has been based since early 2000.
It was a ceremony steeped in pomp, pageantry and centuries of British tradition, but Queen Elizabeth's coronation 60 years ago today also marked a revolution in the power of television and some Canadian firsts, including the first time a "Queen of Canada" was crowned.
Summary: Former miners in a South Yorkshire pit village have reacted to the pageantry in London by parading an effigy of Baroness Thatcher.
Um Ruqaibah: Nafud's vast desert fields witnessed over the past two days heavy attendance by participants in the festival of King Abdulaziz Pageantry Award For Camels at its 13th session.
There is a sense of pageantry to the undertaking the girls face in becoming Spinsters, and Adelice finds herself in the midst of a love triangle as she comes into contact with males roughly her own age for the first time.