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Synonyms for pageant

Synonyms for pageant

an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc


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a rich and spectacular ceremony

References in classic literature ?
Here Herod rages on the pageant and in the street also" is one stage direction.
Thus, if a man kept his place all a long summer's day, he might see pass before him pageant after pageant until he had seen the whole story of the world, from the Creation to the Day of Judgment.
And it really seemed as if the pageant was in many cases chosen to suit the trade of the players.
The members of each guild tried to make their pageant as fine as they could.
And it is from these very early monkish plays that the theater with its different kinds of plays, that pageants and even oratorios have sprung.
The pageants were on wheels, and as soon as a play was over at the first appointed place, the stage was dragged by men to the next place and the play again began.
Sir William Howe and his guests stood at the doors of the contiguous apartments, watching the progress of this singular pageant, with various emotions of anger, contempt, or half-acknowledged fear, but still with an anxious curiosity.
It was supposed that the Colonel and the young lady possessed some secret intelligence in regard to the mysterious pageant of that night.
The pageant had really something chivalrous in its arrangement.
A national beauty pageant which aims to promote local festivals via tourism has been launched in Quezon City.
A sneak peek at "Mama June: From Not To Hot" Season 2, episode 2 shows how Honey Boo Boo helps her mom to prepare for a beauty pageant.
Rushton, 25, is no stranger to beauty pageants, having joined and won the 2009 Lin-ay Sang Negros pageant and the 2011 Mutya ng Pilipinas.
She wowed everyone with her skilled ballet performance to "Viva" by Bond and excelled in both the talent and swimsuit portions of the pageant.
The winners of the 2017 national Miss Globe US and Teen Globe US Pageants will receive an all expenses paid trip to represent the United States at the 2017 Miss Globe International Pageant in China.
Matheson competed in her first pageant when she was a freshman in high school, at her sister's urging.