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the system of numbering pages

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In the case of direct quotes, the citation in the text must include the author(s), year, and page number of the source for the quotation.
The articles were identified by hand search (reading headlines, subheads, and titles) and were classified according to the publication date and page number.
For example, let's say I want to add the page number on the left, a graphic in the middle and the date on the right.
Note: When looking up a page in the table of contents if you are using the PDF version and reading the computer screen, add 7 to the page number to find the page in your PDF file viewer.
Sometimes an ink drawing reproduces the title page of a catalogue, with title, author, and date (Retrospective, 2001); sometimes a watercolor reproduces a work, with the text or the page number that accompanies it, as in The Joy of Living, 2001.
Alternatively, in lieu of the addendum, the financing statement may include the following information: a) a description of the real property to which the collateral is related, including the number and street address of the cooperative unit; b) the location of the real estate by reference to a book and page number in a mortgage index maintained by the county clerk's office in which the property is situated; c) the county, city, town or village in which the property is situated; d) the real property tax designation associated with the real property in which the co-op unit is located or assigned by the local real property tax assessing authority (such as block and lot numbers in New York City, Nassau County, etc.
Consequently, every page number that followed the new pages had to be renumbered--not only the numbers on the pages themselves, but also the numbers in the table of contents on page 3.
The Table of Contents, page 5, summarizes the main subjects contained in each of the RED BOOK'S 17 chapters and provides the page number upon which each chapter begins.
On the page shown, the box at the top, the "&" sign, the numbers in the table of contents, the dingbats, the subheads in the body copy, and the date and page number at the bottom of the page use the second color: for this issue, red.
and add them to your notebook, including source and page number for future reference.
Buyers Guide Index - lists companies by metal and country, giving their page number reference so you can flick straight to their listing in the directory.
To try and win one, simply find the fake Endeavour wallpaper in this mag, then email the page number you find it on with your name and address to: the page number you find it on with your name and address to: welovetv@trinitymirror.
HOW TO ENTER CALL 0901 307 6472 and follow instructions (51p/call) or TEXT the word BM3 followed by a space and the page number where you found Father Christmas, then your name, full address including postcode, daytime contact number and email address to 85858 (50p/ text).
Please state clearly your name, address, telephone number, size, and quantity of prints required along with the codes and page number.