pagan religion

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any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism

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Old Testament theologian Walther Eichrodt highlights the covenantal "atmosphere of trust and security" in contrast to that of pagan religion.
18) Indeed, Socrates was executed because he attempted to expose the true nature of pagan religion.
In the sixth chapter Zatti argues that in the Liberata the centrifugal system of values linked to the romance genre such as plurality, pagan religion, and deviance is repressed by the centripetal system of values linked to the epic genre like unity, Christianity, and obedience, but it is still able to seduce and to emotionally stir the readership.
Philippe Walter's CHRISTIANITY: THE ORIGINS OF A PAGAN RELIGION (1594770964, $16.
For example, Poems of Inspiration and Faith is divided into Western Religion, Pagan Religion, Eastern Religion, Questioning Religion, and Inspiration.
Last week, it was revealed that Huntley has an interest in the pagan religion Wicca.
Another pagan religion described by Coleman (2002) is Shaminism.
In the Doni Madonna, for another example, "Michelangelo actually brings the pagan religion .
The case of Abraham, who leaves his father because of his obedience to God, and the prohibition in the Qur'an against following the father's pagan religion, are just two of the many examples of how Islam undermines patriarchal power.
Taylor believes that the books by JK Rowling promote witchcraft and pagan religion, however, whilst the Jesus Party members were inside the hotel, 25 Harry Potter supporters were staging a counter-protest outside.
Perhaps McCourt also recognizes that in the absence of religious belief we are stranded in a culture of debased, inverted, distorted values--that our Hollywood culture is a comic pagan religion.
Jean, with her scarified cheeks and flagrant jewelry, looked like she practiced some primitive, pagan religion.
Although formal adherence to the pagan religion is slight, there are clear signs of its survival in Lithuanian popular culture.
The imbalance in length between the two sections is determined partly by the comparative paucity of information about divine and supernatural figures in Old Norse pagan religion, but primarily by Jochens the historian's interest in relating women of the heroic poetry to knowable historical contexts.