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Synonyms for pagan

Synonyms for pagan

a person who does not acknowledge your god

a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)

someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures

not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

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Chapter 5 is a careful study of a central text in the debate over pagan virtue, ST I-II, q.
Workshops were free throughout the day, and different instructors demonstrated fortune telling, advised how to meet a spirit guide, and taught pagan songs and chants.
Police said this angered Pagan further and he responded aggressively and raised his fist in order to punch the horse.
Pagan-plus is a little more than pagan, adding a little extra to that often-demeaned word, pagan.
Before Pagan could succumb to a grisly knockout, one of his clamorous fans took a swing at Resendez.
Synopsis: What does it mean to live as a Pagan in this uncertain world of climate change, economic hardship and worldwide social injustice?
The early church was not powerful enough to foist Christianity onto all pagans.
The first two-thirds of this book are plodding and all about Pagan and her inner issues.
Majak De Got and Mama Rebecca Nyadeng De mabior are now not part of the group headed by Pagan under SPLMA party, they needs some mature agreements within the group and of that of the Government but unfortunately nothing work out in the process.
Pagan receives a too-good-to-be-true movie offer that frees her from imprisonment and takes her across the world to the eerie streets of Berlin.
After Emperor Constantine's conversion, Christianity was the ascendant religion, and young Christian men, especially, were inspired to destroy the pagan sites, often causing great brawls and open warfare on Roman streets.
Melanie Carlile, who helps run the Hedgewitch Hollow Pagan community group in Birkenhead, is hoping at least 100 people will turn out for the celebration, which is being held in Wirral Country Park for the third time.
Pagan ways are "of the country" --close to the rhythms of Nature.
There were no pre-Christian gods; there never had been any, save in pagan imaginations.