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Synonyms for pagan

Synonyms for pagan

a person who does not acknowledge your god

a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)

someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures

not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

References in classic literature ?
I thought not to repent me of cutting down a Maypole," replied Endicott, "yet now I could find in my heart to plant it again, and give each of these bestial pagans one other dance round their idol.
For very long after they became Christian the Saxons kept their old pagan ways of thought, and Caedmon, when he came to sing of holy things, sang as a minstrel might.
Great as the differences are, very much of this Anglo-Saxon pagan spirit persists centuries later in the English Puritans.
Still pagan in spirit are certain obscure but, ingenious and skillfully developed riddles in verse, representatives of one form of popular literature only less early than the ballads and charms.
There is still other Anglo-Saxon Christian poetry, generally akin in subjects to Cynewulf's, but in most of the poetry of the whole period the excellence results chiefly from the survival of the old pagan spirit which distinguishes 'Beowulf'.
Oh, if these new pagans would only be old pagans, they would be a little wiser
It was still possible, even in that later time of anti-Catholic preaching, for people to hold many pagan ideas, and believe themselves good church-people, notwithstanding; so we need hardly feel any surprise at the fact that Mr.
so that you esteem these but heretics, as effectually lost as the pagans themselves.
Certainly, I would rejoice if all the savages in America were brought, like this poor woman, to pray to God, though they were all to be Protestants at first, rather than they should continue pagans or heathens; firmly believing, that He that had bestowed the first light on them would farther illuminate them with a beam of His heavenly grace, and bring them into the pale of His Church when He should see good.
Majak De Got and Mama Rebecca Nyadeng De mabior are now not part of the group headed by Pagan under SPLMA party, they needs some mature agreements within the group and of that of the Government but unfortunately nothing work out in the process.
Jones relates that the attitude of emperors toward their pagan subjects does not follow a straight line from tolerance under Constantine to persecution under Justinian.
There will be live entertainment throughout the day with such groups as The Nematoads, The Bedlam Bards, Dying and Rising, Bright Shadow, Letha Mignon, Mijo the drummer, and belly dancing exhibitions by by Zira, Erin, Sahhira and Zahra, Austin Pagans strive to foster pride in their Pagan identity by hosting this religious acceptance event and inviting the Pagan community as well as non-Pagans in Central Texas to be our guests.
Melanie Carlile, who helps run the Hedgewitch Hollow Pagan community group in Birkenhead, is hoping at least 100 people will turn out for the celebration, which is being held in Wirral Country Park for the third time.
I applaud the Pagan thin blue line, but feel members should carry ID revealing which particular alternative path they follow: "DCI Vickers - Druid.