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saffron-flavored dish made of rice with shellfish and chicken

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By the age of 30, I had visited every major wine-producing region in Spain and had, in general, fallen completely in love with Spanish flavors--vinous and culinary One whiff of the savory aroma of paella cooking on the stove and there I am again, a young American in Spain, on a mission to find the greatest paella and the greatest Spanish wines to go with it.
The Spanish Paella, Fast Feast includes Chicken breast, prawns, fish, squid, and mussels in rice enriched with vegetables; the Mexican Texmex, is packed with mini-burgers and chilli potato wedges, complemented by french beans, kidney beans and vegetables; whilst the Mediterranean Risotto, is a feast of chicken breast with feta cheese and a selection of vegetables and olives.
VEGETARIAN OPTIONS: Lots, including a tempting A La Catalana paella with raisins, pine nuts, spinach, beans, chillis, paprika, green beans, courgettes and artichoke hearts (pounds 9 per person).
Paella enthusiasts will get a chance to savor sample portions of the Paellas presented as well taste a selection of El Coto de Rioja wines, imported by Frederick Wildman & Sons.
The Spanish tapas eaterie supplied the school with ingredients, a recipe and equipment to make a giant authentic paella, cooked by school headteacher Gerard Lahive i and IT teacher Ruth Airosa.
But don't expect to eat your paella or organic burger on a linen-clothed table with fine silver cutlery.
Heat four tablespoons of the oil in a 40-cm paella pan over a medium-high heat, add the chicken and fry until golden brown.
The Paella is my father's specialty and is a traditional Spanish dish that I learned how to prepare when I was very young," stated Jose Martin-Serrano.
Push squid to edge of paella pan, where it's not as hot.
We've had paella in Barcelona and we've had it in Madrid.
Fish'n'chip feasts and paella parties are among the attractions during the Festival of Seafood in Hartlepool and Redcar.
Both teachers at St Joseph's Academy in Kilmarnock are now awaiting the results of medical tests after eating the contaminated paella.
A paella, made fresh with some excellent quality fish, is not only very simple to prepare but provides you with a centrepiece for your table.
Season the chicken all over, then heat the oil in a paella pan or large frying pan and fry chicken for 10 mins on each side.