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Synonyms for paedophilia

a sexual attraction to children


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She apologised for those who felt the video was inappropriate, but explained that it wasn't about paedophilia.
And Russian Orthodox Church head Father Sergei tells the show: "Where gays are allowed, paedophilia will soon flourish.
I'M horrified that The People found so many sick websites that encourage women to support paedophilia.
Why isn't paedophilia dealt with to the same level of correction or are we to assume we only adhere to the Geneva Convention because of its diplomatic involvement?
In terms of the definition on paedophilia Mr Grange said, 'We are talking about very young people [when] it is paedophilia, and I wouldn't want to mix up kids who are just the wrong side of 16 with paedophiles.
The sexual attraction and lust for children, called paedophilia, is generally seen as a sexual perversion.
Peaches Geldof, 15, believes concern about young girls wearing lip gloss and mascara has been fuelled by paranoia about paedophilia.
Dear Editor,-Your report upon police Operation Ore (Post, April 5) not only reveals the virtually epidemic proportions of paedophilia in modern Britain, it confirms that those warning of moral/spiritual collapse or disintegration are justified and not Jeremiahs, and also asks a number of very serious questions.
Denmark's justice minister Lene Espersen is hoping to outlaw a group which claims that paedophilia can be an acceptable practice.
Most people are in favour of men working in childcare even though it was seen as "women's work" and there were worries about paedophilia, according to a new report.
Paedophilia is much in the news this week but there seems to be a bit of confusion.
PAEDOPHILIA may not be a new phenomenon, but it is a particular blight on modern society.
A BRITON was today charged with paedophilia in Cambodia after allegedly being caught in a brothel with a naked 12-year-old girl.
AMID the controversy surrounding the Brass Eye special on paedophilia, we shouldn't lose sight of the "ratings" effect.
AKEL MP Irini Charalambidou has tabled a legal proposal introducing life sentences for those found guilty of paedophilia, while also allowing for the supervision of convicts after their release.