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the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of infants and children

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But the Welsh Government says it encourages paediatricians to apply for grants and work with other child health professionals to contribute to a "vibrant research environment".
It wants to ensure training in research methods and associated disciplines is effectively delivered in undergraduate and postgraduate curricula so all paediatricians can get involved in research.
If a fever persists in a child older than 1 year for longer than 24 hours, even if there are no other symptoms, call the paediatrician.
Therefore, paediatricians should remind all parents to mince or thinly slice hot dogs before giving them to young children, Kapadia said.
Paediatricians urge heightened awareness about high-risk foods among doctors and parents alike.
Aside from the development of a network of paediatricians in the UAE, the strategic alliance will improve the practice of paediatric care across the emirates, by aligning it with the best and latest international care standards and guidelines.
The American Academy of Paediatrics is an organisation of 60,000 paediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.
Of those complaints seven were about paediatricians involving issues to do with child protection.
These things are part of an interview, that paediatricians regularly discuss with parents when a child presents an injury.
Just 20 per cent of all paediatricians in the West Midlands currently work in child protection, where they can be called on to offer advice to social services about alleged abuse cases.
The Legal Services Commission will fund legal action by parents, whose children were removed because of the abuse accusations by paediatricians.
Doctors claim a climate of vilification is causing paediatricians to shy away from diagnosing child abuse, some of which will be well-founded.
Both paediatricians had doubted the "explanation of accidental injury" - and "set a hare running", said the judge.
It's said that paediatricians are now wary of participating in cases of alleged child abuse because of a hate campaign in the wake of the overturning of Sally Clark and Angela Canning's convictions.
In terms of the paediatric neurosurgical services for South and parts of Mid Wales the overall opinion of paediatricians in Wales is that this should be sited in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.