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a specialist in the care of babies

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Paediatricians who gave evidence in alleged abuse cases claim they are victims of threats and harassment by groups purporting to support wrongly accused mothers.
In his book 'A Paediatrician in Your Pocket' the answers are provided in an easy to understand format.
It's said that paediatricians are now wary of participating in cases of alleged child abuse because of a hate campaign in the wake of the overturning of Sally Clark and Angela Canning's convictions.
In terms of the paediatric neurosurgical services for South and parts of Mid Wales the overall opinion of paediatricians in Wales is that this should be sited in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.
If a fever persists in a child older than 1 year for longer than 24 hours, even if there are no other symptoms, call the paediatrician.
When parents come in complaining that their infant has a fever, as a paediatrician I always ask an important question: "What do you mean by fever?
Washington, Mar 23 (ANI): For Americans, hot dogs make for the most loved junk food, but according to paediatricians at Johns Hopkins Children's Center they are a choking hazard for young children.
Emirates Paediatric Society (EPS) and the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) have signed a MoU with the aim of creating a solid network of physicians and paediatricians for the UAE.
READERS may have formed a misleading impression following your article about paediatricians dated March 30, 2008.
However, the paediatrician said yesterday that his actions had to be considered in the context that one child was killed by their parents every week in the UK.
Councillor Deirdre Alden, chairwoman of Birmingham City Council Health scrutiny committee, expressed alarm at the paediatrician figures.
The United Kingdom's Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith ordered a review of almost 300 criminal cases where mothers had been jailed on the strength of evidence presented by a single scientific expert, usually a paediatrician.
People with more exposure to babies are more apt to spot facial differences between the sexes, the researchers concluded--but "why couldn't the paediatricians get it tight?
FOUR children were taken from the care of their Romania parents for a year after two paediatricians gave "wholly mistaken" analyses of the cause of burn injuries one youngster had suffered, a family court judge has said.