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Synonyms for paean



Synonyms for paean

a formal expression of praise

(ancient Greece) a hymn of praise (especially one sung in ancient Greece to invoke or thank a deity)

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Diehl (1926 (1)) quoted Terpander 697 PMG, considered to be a paean (17) although the verse is quoted in the Suda as a prelude ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) to Terpander's Orthian Nomos, and is not listed in Kappel (1992) or Rutherford's (2001) collection of testimonies and fragments of paeans.
Actually, in his unedited manuscript Swed wrote that the opera was a "pro-life paean.
Her study is a paean to one-story plants and horizontal manufacture.
Solemn choral lyric of invocation, joy, or triumph, originating in ancient Greece where it was addressed to Apollo in his guise as Paean, physician to the gods.
Sometimes the connection between celebrant and source material is too esoteric to discern without a cheat sheet--live snarls help construct the paean to Strangers on a Train author Patricia Highsmith--but the results are compelling regardless.
One, a paean to goalkeeper Jose Guadalupe Martinez, inspires the only meaningful reaction from one of two sets of cheerleaders.
During a leisurely hike across the Champlain Valley of Vermont and into the high peaks of New York State's Adirondacks, the author ponders questions of ecology and rural life in his paean to the natural beauty of the region, his favorite on all the earth.
Whitmanic paean to office supplies, child's garden of synthetic detritus, a model universe in which no scrap of notebook paper goes unloved: Sze has made a play-space in which toxicity, overcrowding, and obsolescence are harmonized.
The premiere of Houston Ballet's Tales of Texas, choreographed by the company's new artistic director, Stanton Welch, was a paean to the courage, endurance, and vision of people in America's heartland.
A future star begins his rise to the top at Newbury when Lord Howard de Walden's Paean takes the maiden under Steve Cauthen.
Its central atrium is literally breathtaking, a joyous paean of luminous space, with which the office floors engage in terraces, balconies and platforms.
Reagan's War is less a paean to an actual man than an act of wholesale historical reinvention.
Valcke also suggests that the Oratio is neither a philosophically grounded paean to human liberty, nor a serious statement (like Ficino's, say) of human ontological centrality, but rather that the language Pico uses in describing human dignity (and even human ontological mobility) is metaphoric, descriptive, and non-systematic.
The highest-paid journalist on television was at the height of her form in her hour-long news program on Monaco, in which she deployed her full arsenal of phony empathy, faux concern, and pop psychology in her little paean to monarchy, worming her way into Prince Rainier's good graces one minute, suggesting to the audience, sotto voce, that he has Alzheimer's in the next.
Brokeback Mountain'' adapted screenplay winner Larry McMurtry's paean to booksellers and reading was so inspiring that, really, I don't want to say anything facetious about it.