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an owner or proprietor of an inn in Italy

an employer who exploits Italian immigrants in the U

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To meet this need, industry owners used a padrone system.
The Poor Kitty and the Padrone and the Tortoise-shell Cat in 'Cat in the Rain.
Questa conclusione testimonia del valore rituale della messa in scena del funerale del padrone e, in quanto rito, anche della sua dimensione comunitaria, di costruzione di un'identita collettiva che ogni atto rituale necessariamente porta con se.
Il debute comme acteur dans Padre padrone des freres Taviani (1977) et interprete egalement Le Porteur de serviette (de D.
Dressed as a jaguar, an Aztec warrior crouches over the conquistador he's stabbed to death; a fiercely elegant Emiliano Zapata appears regally indifferent to the padrone trampled beneath the hoofs of his signature white horse.
The Tavianis, known for the socially engaged films they have been making for half a century, captured the Palme d'Or in Cannes in 1977 for Padre Padrone, which also used amateur actors, and the Jury Grand Prix for The Night of the Shooting Stars in 1982.
What is especially interesting is that the comare's intercession is the direct spiritual corollary to the more pragmatic intercession of another characteristic personage of Italian American culture: the padrone or boss, who found work for the men, but also the women and children, of the community through his early ability to build bridges with the host society.
Since George fails to see her as a person in her own right, she welcomed the attention of the sympathetic padrone and absorbs the "momentary feeling of supreme importance" (CS 130) he gives her; but she also felt "very small" (CS 130), knowing his ephemeral solicitude will evaporate under the persistent reality of her husband's refusal to see her worthy of his selfish world.
With which world languages would you associate the following words: paddy, padrone, paella, pagoda, palais, pampas, pan (nature), Panchen Lama, panzer & pathos.
Rosie Padrone, 54, from Santa Maria, said: "Michael meant the world to me.
Behan examines L'operaio conosce 300 parole il padrone 1000 per questo lui e il padrone (1969) in the context of Fo's split with the Italian Communist Party in 1970 (pp.
Su questi rari esempi, raccolti in fonti classiche di natura ed epoca assai diverse tra loro, dall'epica omerica alla storia bizantina, s'incentra il mio studio, nel tentativo di esplicitare il modo in cui sia stata tramandata la fedelta manifestata dalle schiave al proprio padrone o ad autorita politiche.
After being processed at Ellis Island, he was taken by a padrone, or Italian job broker, to a quarry somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania (no one in the family knows its precise location) where he worked for a year chiseling rock by hand.
Peck analyzes why the padrone system all bat disappeared by 1930, stressing the role of growing worker opposition to the exploitative side of the work of immigration agents within their linguistic communities.
lIl Padrone (John Sutcliffe/Joe Mercer) wins for the first time in two years when he beats Heronry in the ten-furlong handicap at Epsom.