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tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain

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This casting of the wood by the coating reveals, as expected, an apparently less rough print for padouk than for pine.
These two-dimensional illustrations are sound for pine, yet for padouk misclassification results in erroneous removal of coating voxels or the addition of high-density crystals, present in the wood substrate, to the coating matrix.
From such exotic wood species as zebrawood, padouk, pecan, and others, kaleidoscopic patterns are woven into what looks more like furniture than flooring.
Ecologix exports numerous varieties of African hardwood including Tali/Teak, Sipo/Mahogany, Padouk, Okan, Doussie, and others.
It is also predicted by the company that significant upside from the pre-salt play on the Mbeli and Ntsina blocks, and the Padouk Deep well is due to begin in February 2014.
TIME TO SELL: Johnny Dumfries WILLIAM THORNTON PHOTOGRAPHY; FAST LANE: Johnny in 1988 when he was a racing driver; RICH PICKINGS: Above, two of the rooms inside Dumfries House, main pic; Late George II parcel-gilt rosewood, padouk & sabicu breakfront bookcase pounds 2m to pounds 4m; Two late George II gilt wood Chippendale pier mirrors pounds 600,00 to pounds 4m; George II palm-wrapped mahogany bed pounds 300,000 - pounds 500,000; Set of 22 Scottish George II mahogany dining chairs pounds 400,000 - pounds 600,000
This is the magnificent parcel-gilt rosewood, padouk and sabicu breakfront bookcase made for Lady Dumfries's bedroom.