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small reddish-brown wallabies of scrubby areas of Australia and New Guinea

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2 -- color) This pademelon, a native of New Guinea, is a relative of the kangaroo.
8 1 Thylogale billardierii pademelon 1 3 1 Trichosurus vulpecula brushtail possum 5 4.
You can't go far without a close encounter with a wallaby, wombat, possum, bandicoot, bettong, pademelon, eastern quoll, duck-bill platypus, echidna and not forgetting the elusive Tasmanian Devil.
Through a process of elimination I found the culprit was the red-legged pademelon, Thylogale stigmatica: a shy, fleet-footed rainforest wallaby that can smell you coming `a mile away', especially if you're carrying a camera
From there I realised what we are missing on our roads on the mainland; quolls, i bettongs, ringtails, pademelon, bandicoots, bilbies and numbats--not just wombats, kangaroos, foxes and wallabies.