paddy wagon

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van used by police to transport prisoners

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It started as a mnemonic device, because we were writing the tune in the car, but we got hooked on the title, so we were forced into figuring out a song about somebody named Potato being in a paddy wagon.
In the crowd he saw a former professor, and a high school classmate sat beside him in the paddy wagon.
Melbourne, Oct 2 (ANI): An Oz couple, who were arrested and were being taken to a Territory cop station in a police paddy wagon, were seen shagging in the back of the vehicle by another motorist.
But the police didn't realise the float had no brakes and, when they stopped, the float crashed into the back of the paddy wagon.
Generations of children have climbed on the fire engine, paddy wagon and fiberglass pumpkins placed around the property, visited the petting zoo (all the animals are visitors from nearby Rolling Thunder Ranch) and roamed the acres of bright orange gourds laid out for them to select the perfect specimen of the world's largest fruit.
The cops tried to arrest me and a few other people, but the lock on the paddy wagon wasn't quite locked and we were able to get it open and everyone inside got out and ran.
He told us of others not so fortunate while he was loading our gear into his paddy wagon.
We were following traffic rules when a big police paddy wagon pulled up with its light on.
The songs, written by various members of cast, fizz with snappy and amusing lyrics including the title track, Potatoes In The Paddy Wagon and the deeply moving The Catheter Song.
Paddy wagon "is a carry-over from the days when the Irish were low men on the social totem pole and hence fair game when a roundup of miscreants was needed to create favorable publicity for law enforcers," according to the Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origin, Volume II, 1967, by William and Mary Worth.
Jeff Putthoff, then associate pastor of Holy Name Parish, in the back of a paddy wagon.
How unlike the situation a quarter of a century ago, when thousands of miners fighting for their jobs and their communities were snatched off picket lines, thrown into a paddy wagon and hauled up before the courts.
The songs, written by various members of the cast, fizz with snappy and amusing lyrics including Potato's In The Paddy Wagon and The Catheter Song.
I mean, there was three jam sandwiches, a paddy wagon an then the fire bobbies even broke off from their snooker an turned up.