paddy field

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an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown

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This result is in agreement with that of Iqbal [10] who studied nitrogen leaching from paddy field under different fertilization rates in China.
The bulls for the paddy field race are specially culled from the best fed and trained ones.
The areas have been selected on account of it being the third largest area of paddy field in Peninsular Malaysia.
One reason why the stevia materials were effective for soil improvement in salt-damaged paddy fields may have been the high potassium content of the materials (potassium is also one of the three major fertilizer elements).
Annual fertilisation strategies and applied nutrients to vegetable land and paddy field Plot Area (ha) Fertiliser type (kg/year) Vegetable land Composite Pig manure 1 0.
The initial tests cover unprocessed rice from about five plants each from five spots per paddy field.
Our two-storey villa overlooked manicured paddy fields that are tended daily by local farmers and the resort''s resident water buffalo.
Empirical model for estimating methane gas emission from irrigated paddy field, by using information extracted from remote sensing methodology (spectrometer measurement) has been developed in this study.
While the farmers are gaping at the sky for water to plough their paddy field, planters are looking for rains as the manure they have applied will burn the plants, if it does not rain.
in a rice paddy field, and Saddam Hussein tended his uncle's
So we get fighting ninjas and sumo wrestling, and Warwickshire's Forest of Arden is now a paddy field.
Matthew Nuttall ran in at the corner after both sides performed with credit to register five tries between them on a pitch that looked like a paddy field and finished as brown soup.
The surface of a paddy field is a plane, however the plow sole on which the transplanter actually drives is bumpy, and the transplanter's front tires are often forced into unwanted directions by hard, muddy soil.
As the aircraft began to lose altitude, Rozaq reportedly spotted a river through a gap in the clouds and decided to try and land the aircraft there instead of a nearby paddy field - where the impact would have been much harder.
A 19-year-old died while a 20-year-old was slightly injured Monday night when their car veered off the road into a paddy field in the town of Ueki, Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, police said.