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a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boat

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Ben Gambrel, vice president and general manager of Bindicator, said, "The Roto PRO is unlike any other paddlewheel available today.
The fact that the paddlewheel is the only replaceable part in the 8032 also adds to its low maintenance credentials; saving downtime for the user and also inventory costs.
Avalon is the first major European river cruise operator to partner with the American Queen to give its travelers the chance to experience the Mississippi on a paddlewheel steamboat.
Many were built for commercial purposes and later used in wars, such as a paddlewheel aircraft carrier that trained US carrier pilots on the Great Lakes during WWII.
THESE colour photographs of the famous Tees paddlewheel tug boat, The John H Amos, have been submitted by John Severs.
One alternative to the casinos is to join the starry-eyed couples celebrating engagements and anniversaries on a sunset dinner cruise aboard the Tahoe Queen, a paddlewheel boat which once steamed up and down the Mississippi.
What makes RotorFlow sensors unique is the highly visible paddlewheel that provides verification at a glance to confirm that fluids are moving.
American Cruise Lines has finalized the 2010 schedule on the Columbia River for the newly acquired paddlewheel cruise ship, Queen of the West.
The CPR line hadn't been built, so he took the train to Minneapolis, then cruised north on the Red River by paddlewheel steamer into the rough, mud-caked pioneer settlement of Winnipeg.
Patent models for a gear cutter and a steamboat paddlewheel have also found a place in the Oval Office.
So, too, have some obscure artifacts, such as patent models for a gear cutter and a steamboat paddlewheel, that now sit in the Oval Office.
Paddlewheel steamboats regularly cross the lake, including stops both in France and elsewhere in Switzerland.
His uncle had been perched on the cover of a ferry paddlewheel at Eastham, toasting bemused passengers with a bottle of whisky.
My favorite place was Tom Sawyer's Island, a wooded retreat endlessly circumnavigated by a paddlewheel steamboat named the Mark Twain.