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a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels

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The dramatic new concept boat, built specifically with the east-coast customer in mind, blends the contemporary feel of the East with the Victorian splendor of the South, making the dramatic Mississippi paddle-wheeler the first of its kind on the east-coast.
Steam has given way to diesel on the 599-passengerColumbia Gorge, a replicated turn-of-the-century paddle-wheeler.
Showboat, a true paddle-wheeler, is 108 feet long with three decks and a ballroom.
This 140-foot paddle-wheeler made its debut in 1982.
The Motorboat Book: Build & Launch 20 Jet Boats, Paddle-Wheelers, Electric Submarines & More is an easy-to-use guide to building the nautical equivalent of model trains.
P Yorke' and "The Minto' describe tugboats and paddle-wheelers on the inland rivers and lakes.
Board MS Dixie II (from Zephyr Cove) or Tahoe Queen (from Ski Run Marina); both paddle-wheelers offer July Fourth dinner cruises.
The male prisoners themselves, though `confined to barracks' after six at night, were free by day to roam in the streets (for a distance of two miles from the camp), visit the general store, conduct sports carnivals on the river, build an `American-style water-chute', construct some ingenious watercraft, from paddle-wheelers to canvas boats shaped like seaplanes, zeppelins and U-boats.