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Synonyms for pact

Synonyms for pact

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

a legally binding arrangement between parties

Synonyms for pact

a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

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Khaniri told off NASA co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi for distancing themselves from the pact.
We examine PACT implementation in one VHA network (also called Veterans Integrated Service Network, or VISN), VISN 4, which covers 104 counties, including the majority of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, and parts of Ohio, New York, and New Jersey.
The pact is in the process of being reviewed by the Shura Council.
However, it was unwise and unnecessary to handpick a group of 2500 elders to decide for him if he should or should not sign the pact.
The patriarch said it was unacceptable for Lebanon's political life to be subject to the state of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, urging a return to the "National Pact, which stipulates that Lebanon follow neither West nor East," Rai said.
The Cathays PACT meeting is, I'm told, the most heavily attended PACT meeting in the city.
If signed, it would have marked South Korea's first-ever military pact with Japan.
Burhaneddin suggested the inclusion of the Lebanon in the coming negotiations to reach a military pact with Syria.
I will not allow the Financial Stability Pact, such an important things for all Bulgarians, to become a pawn in the election campaigns of the political parties," said Djankov, justifying his new position.
Sweden's centre-right government, which does not have a majority in parliament, has been studying the attitudes of the opposition parties towards the pact and a decision has been made not to join for the time being.
Summary: Mexico - Ten Moroccan cities signed a pact against global warming, on Sunday following the Mayors' World Climate Change Summit in Mexico City (November 17-20).
Summary: BEIJING, June 29, 2010, SPA -- China and Taiwan have signed a trade pact that boosts economic ties, the Associated Press reported.
security pact does not get reconsidered by the cabinet after House Speaker Nabih Berri deemed it "unconstitutional" and called for its annulment last week, then this would bring the cabinet's authority into question before the parliament, the Pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Saturday.
During a Diet committee convened to question former Foreign Ministry treaties bureau chief Kazuhiko Togo and three other witnesses over the Cold War-era pacts, it was also highlighted that Japan once considered easing its three non-nuclear principles because of a secret pact over the introduction of nuclear weapons into Japan.
Since its development, PACT has been growing in popularity among California's teacher education institutions.