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Synonyms for packinghouse

a building where foodstuffs are processed and packed

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a plant where livestock are slaughtered and processed and packed as meat products

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Much of that documentation at Indian Ladder goes in the 13 logs kept in the packinghouse.
Given that so much of Wyatt's early activist career was enabled by her union work in meatpacking, Walker-McWilliams' study also offers an extended treatment of the history of the United Packinghouse Workers.
All of their experiments simulate real-world conditions of busy commercial packinghouses or retail settings and encompass a range of time-and-temperature regimens.
Mixed in with the faces of those who toiled the fields, worked the packinghouses, and labored in the service sectors are the faces of the middle and upper classes: the "community builders," entrepreneurs, land owners, and railroad barons.
With further work, SIRHA should be easy to scale up for use at packinghouses, Zhongli Pan reports.
King; Ralph Helstein and the United Packinghouse Workers of America.
Rather, as nonunion operations have made inroads into once heavily unionized industries such as food processing, packinghouse workers have been maimed and crippled.
I just finished writing a biography of Ralph Helstein, the Jewish lawyer who was president of the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA) from 1946 till 1968.
Inside the refurbished Claremont Packinghouse, the International Glass & Bead Co.
Implicated tomatoes were traced to a single packinghouse in Ohio supplied by three tomato growers from 25 fields in three counties.
The films being developed would supplement other food safety strategies and tactics on the farm, at the packinghouse, and elsewhere along the journey from field to fork.
These go to a packinghouse, where every peach travels over a mile of belts and drops, then rests in storage until it gets soft enough to market.
Ethylene gas treatment in the packinghouse jump-starts the ripening process that gives tomatoes their blush.
Indeed, within months of the end of the war, packinghouse strikes, steel strikes, and race riots shook Chicago and the nation.