packing material

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any material used especially to protect something

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Optimistic about the beverage packing market potential in Japan, Tsao said that Japanese beverage manufacturers have been seeking packing material suppliers outside the country after the earthquake, and Hon Chuan has grabbed the opportunity to expand its business to Japan.
Within three years, they had founded the Sealed Air Corporation - now the world's leading manufacturers of packing materials.
Compared with the conventionally used aluminum foil, the new packing material prevents deterioration of the product by shutting out light.
If you build or repair wooden boxes, crates, pallets, skids, dunnage or other wood packing used for shipping, make sure your wood packing materials are cut from heated-treated (HT) lumber.
says he was spending a bundle on plastic shipping "peanuts" and other types of packing material, and still too many customers were calling to complain about damaged shipments.
packing material removal--If cores arrive in packing material to minimize breakage, removing this material is a space constraint;
The Envirogen system, called the RenovAir Biotrickling Filter, uses a proprietary synthetic packing material to support biofilm growth, and the support is continually bathed in a solution that provides the necessary moisture and nutrients to support a controlled rate of bacterial growth.
Using a packing material available in columns designed for discovery and development may save you method-development hassles when you need to scale up purification procedures.
China is the latest addition to the list of countries, including the United States and Canada, that regulate solid wood packing material to prevent introducing new pests.
The United States will quarantine all imports from China that contain solid-wood packing material, such as wooden boxes, to prevent the spread of the Asian longhorn beetle, a Hong Kong government spokesman said Friday.
When an analysis sample was taken from the source, some of the brass-filing packing material spilled,'' Shoffner said.
4 thermometers * 4 large drinking glasses * aluminum foil * rubber glove * desk lamp * cotton handkerchief * other insulating materials (like a wool sock, Styrofoam packing material, etc.
Excelsior--long, thin wood shavings--was once the packing material of choice, but it's been largely replaced by polystyrene.
com/research/48a050/north_american_pac) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "North American Packing Material Markets" to their offering.
Most of the said packaging industries were supplying packing material to the exporters and are duly registered for sales tax, they said and added that denial of input tax/refund to exporters would encourage them to make purchases from unregistered persons so that only one percent tax was required to be withheld, instead of making purchases from said registered manufacturers/suppliers who would charge sales tax at 17 percent.