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a workhorse used as a pack animal

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The packhorse bridge at Hampton-in-Arden, now a Grade II* Listed structure as well as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, is one of the latter, as it features three stone and two brick arches.
Just follow the packhorse trail, you won't get lost," he hollered back to me.
Walkers have now also won the exclusive right to walk along the Coastal Path, so it is good that a packhorse route suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders is about to be revived.
Titus Thornber's work is a thorough examination of packhorse routes across the south or central areas of the Pennines on both the Lancashire and Yorkshire sides.
Old packhorse routes across the North Pennines are being used as walking trails.
LIBRA September 24-October 23 The bosses have made you their packhorse, so feel no guilt about calling in sick some April Friday for three days of sun, skin, and sin in Hilton Head (those guys and gals tanned from the golf fairways are mighty appealing--and many are available).
Some heavy of form, from simple packhorse bridges to the engineering marvels of our times.
When my guide, Joe Blackburn, surveyed the panorama after I had taken my first ram, he decided we would carry only the horns out and return with a packhorse the next morning for the meat.
Off to the side of the priory site, is a path leading to a packhorse bridge, the start of the route pilgrims used to take on their way back to Norwich.
SECURITY staff at Huddersfield's Packhorse Centre are taking training in "tantrum taming" this summer.
The Packhorse pub in Wythall decorated the venue in her favourite colour, with pink balloons and banners.
A GARDEN featuring a 200-year-old Grade II-listed humpback packhorse bridge is opening for charity this weekend.
A stroll along the Avon Valley footpath begins this pleasant walk after crossing the 15th century packhorse bridge.
Failing that, you have to take the husband as a packhorse and constantly feed it caf latte and cake to keep it quiet.
When his beloved packhorse rips a tendon, Ambrose is sent to the horse auction to sell Blackie for dog meat.