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Synonyms for packer

a workman employed to pack things into containers

a wholesaler in the meat-packing business

a hiker who wears a backpack


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Packer worked all hours and lived on a diet of burgers, milkshakes and cigarettes.
News Corp chief Mr Murdoch said Mr Packer was "a lifelong friend and a tough competitor" who knew what people wanted.
A statement said: "Mrs Kerry Packer and her children James and Gretel sadly report the passing last evening of her husband and their father Kerry.
Since Packer, 40, who has been quoted more than 100 times by various newspaper reporters and wire services covering countless publications, the Associated Press in June 2003 sent out a memo instructing its journalists not to quote Packer in any more stories, Editor & Publisher reported in July.
During the nineteen years he has taught at Packer, Koplowitz has created forty-six professional works, ranging from intimate pieces for the stage to sprawling, site-specific shows in the United States and abroad.
Although Packer has penetrated the predominantly white literary inner circle of prestigious journals, lofty awards and distinguished writing programs, she has done so on her own terms.
In a joint project between APS, Packer Engineering, Naperville, Illinois, and The Wright Redux Assoc.
Packer was accused of killing and eating his prospecting companions in Lake City, Colorado, in 1874.
But more than an historical conjuncture of packer manpower needs, racial job stereotypes, disagreeable work, rail connections, and warehouse advertisements explains the rise of a large Black workforce in the stockyards.
Completion schemes will include both under balanced and over balanced perforation with subsequent run in of PBR, or tubing to packer, seals and then flow testing and production.
Sources say there is "bad blood" between Mark Packer, the owner of Wolf's and the building owner, Steven Shapiro.
The packer rubber elements are capable of swelling at temperatures up to 302 C and withstanding a differential pressure of up to 62 MPa.
The Flexible Push-Type Packer is used to test & seal lateral lines from an above ground access or cleanout.
Now Wisconsin historian and Packer fan Don Davenport has compiled more than 450 questions and answers in "Green Bay Packers: Titletown Trivia Teasers" that will prove to be an essential reference for all dedicated Packer fans--as well as settling many a bar bet with such minutiae as who holds the Super Bowl record for the longest kickoff return?