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a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma

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Earlier, there had been noisy disturbances from the packed cells below the court where more than 40 prisoners were held.
There is a diffuse growth of closely packed cells that appear in short interlacing fascicles (storiform, whorled, and palisaded patterns can be seen) that are richly vascularized (figure, A).
We identified males by the presence of a large medullary region and no distinguishable cortical area and by the densely packed cells.
It infects an animal's epithelial cells--tightly packed cells that line the nose, mouth, blood vessels, and most organs.
5 [micro]g/L of packed cells with a CV <5% for a 300-[micro]L sample volume.
Around 1860, a German neuroanatomist named Otto Friedrich Carl Dieters first discerned that the amorphous gray matter of the brain contained tightly packed cells distinct from the neurons.
The patient required transfusion of four units of packed cells.
The blood-brain barrier is important because this layer of closely packed cells, which lines blood vessels in the brain, normally blocks many substances in the blood-stream from entering the central nervous system.
He required thirteen red packed cells in total to maintain his haemoglobin (Hb).
He was transfused continuously with packed cells, fresh-frozen plasma and platelets for approximately 12 hours before the haemolysis and DIC abated.
The exchange transfusion was performed through a femoral venous cannula, left in situ, on three consecutive days, removing aliquots of 200 ml, 200 ml and 250 ml on each day, the volume being replaced every time with 250 ml of fresh (less than six hours from collection) cross-matched packed cells collected from three donors.
A typical example is a patient presenting with the symptom of severe anemia with a physician request for packed cells.
Tumor cells are distributed unevenly, with areas of densely packed cells that have tighter between-cell spaces than normal.
Haas had given orders to transfuse [two] units of packed cells for [hemoglobin] of 6.
Concentration Concentration added, found, [micro] mol/L [micro] mol/L Compound packed cells packed cells CV, % Intraassay (n = 5) 6-TG 0.