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a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma

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5 units of packed cells to be transfused to the patient; 86 patients suffering from anaemia had an average transfusion of 2.
The initial management of the patient included resuscitation with I/V fluids, antibiotics and packed cells transfusion.
Growth rate of Kinnow suspension cultures was determined by measuring packed cell volume, fresh cell weight, dry cell weight and growth index on two different media such as (EME) and (H+H) after the cell suspension cultures contain a homogeneous cell population.
4) It is also expensive, with one adult unit of packed cell costing 1 400 ZAR.
She received 2 units more of packed cells postoperatively.
Apart from blood, DBDC is seeing an increase in collections of overall blood products as well, including packed cells (PC), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), cryoprecipitate (CRYO), and single donor platelets (SDP).
There has been an overall increase in the collection of blood products including packed cells (PC), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), cryoprecipitate (CRYO), and single donor platelets (SDP).
A degree of haemodynamic instability developed after the delivery, and the patient was aggressively resuscitated with a total of 3 l of crystalloid, 4 units of packed cells and 4 units of fresh frozen plasma.
Additionally the increased cortical region with densely packed cells, capable of storing additional water and this is vital for surviving under limited moisture environment.
Routine laboratory investigations were normal except hemoglobin for which packed cells were given.
She was started on a transfusion of A-positive packed cells after cross checking the blood with the patient's cross-match form.
3 If a unit of blood was found to have a lead concentration of 35[micro]g/dl, what would be the estimated lead concentration of packed cells prepared from the same unit of blood?
Into each of the two tubes containing monoclonals (Tubes 1 and 2) is placed 100 uL washed, packed cells from the appropriate control or patient.
The packed cells (1 mL) were then incubated in a Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer (pH 7.