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enclosed in a package or protective covering


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P&G's newly packaged Fairy Ultra detergent will mean a 45-percent cut in raw material consumption.
Based on the overwhelming popularity of folding cartons, paper-based cartons were the most widely used packaging type in US packaged food.
Its innovative solutions enable design teams to concurrently analyze and optimize the IC with the package and the packaged IC on the PCB.
HyCap(R) attaches to the device to be packaged (MEMS or IC) by metal solder, forming a hermetic seal and electrical contact.
From its new facility in Louisville, KY, Sonopress will utilize packaging equipment from Gima to be the first to offer automated STACKpak capabilities, and will produce as many as 100,000 packaged products per day on two automated packaging lines.
In addition to fresh-cut bagged vegetables, Apio has a full line of fresh-cut vegetable trays packaged with its specialty packaging.
3M knows packaging - with expertise in issues affecting diverse industries - food and beverage; life sciences consumer packaged goods; electronics and semiconductor; aerospace; communications; computer equipment; and many others.
We understand that the packaging design and production for consumer packaged goods involves interaction among a diverse set of players and numerous steps,' says Penny Osmond, Ph.
The Sonoco purchase validates Paxonix's vision of the need for hosted, integrated suite of tools for packaging professionals engaged in producing packaging for food and beverages, health and beauty aides, and other consumer packaged goods (CPG)," says Kent St.