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a tour arranged by a travel agent


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Birmingham Airport will become the UK's first gateway to offer charter package tours from China and the first UK airport outside London to launch direct charter flights to China.
Upon completion, the project "Communication Centre for Ethical Tourism" has been launched to help feeding public relations materials to the general public, promoting several tips before buying package tours from tour agencies and the way to have safe and fair travels in and around the country.
It is the first time for an online travel agent to introduce package tours using chartered flights between Narita international airport near Tokyo and Guam International Airport, according to Rakuten Travel.
DOHA HOLIDAY Factory, a prominent package tour operator in the GCC countries, has begun its operations from Qatar.
It'll be just like the old package tours of the sixties," he says.
Completion of the merger will mean that Aurinkomatkat has, in euro terms, approximately 40% of Finland's package tour market and a third of its entire leisure travel market.
The figures show that foreign visitors did not use much package tours offered by travel agents.
You can often find package tours and cheap flights to Europe and such, but going to Japan is seriously pricey.
The severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic ''still seems to be having an effect'' on overseas package tours, he said, ''but the overseas portion seems to be shifting toward domestic tours.
But now package tours are so common that it isn't even a possibility anymore, In a lot of cities, there're two different show-going worlds: The kids who buy these records and go see package tours and the kids who are into what's going on in their own town and are excited about it.
South Korea's national tour operator said it will begin offering the first package tours from Japan to North Korea's Geumgangsan, or Diamond Mountains, next month.
Revenues from overall package tours organized by the agencies in October declined 41.
A graphic design wrap is being featured on Ontario Northland buses and the communities are working on package tours with operators throughout northeastern Ontario.
Access Institute: package tours of national parks and areas in the West.
Sunquest, founded in 1996, arranges package tours and cruises.